Upon arrival in New City, we had exactly one day to explore before we both went to work, Pea in the new office for Golden company for this week, and me to my new professorial profession.

My priorities were, in no particular order:
1) Groceries
2) Canadian cell phone
3) Cruise neighbourhoods to get a feel for the city
4) Bus pass or bus tickets
5) Pharmacy run for all the things you need in a new house
6) return rental car

Pea’s priorities were, in this very particular order:
1) Buy terrarium and dirt for the moss he picked up at my mother’s house
2) Cruise neighbourhoods to see which houses were nicest, then read real estate listings for those neighbourhoods.

Pea: “Ooh, this one is REALLY expensive. We should buy it.”
Me: “That is a LOT of house. We do not need that much house.”
Pea: “I am pro-house.”


2 thoughts on “Priorities

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      We just did all of it, with Pea worrying while I was getting a phone and we were in the pharmacy that we would run out of time to buy dirt. He makes me laugh, but gracious do I love him.
      Houses will take more time. I’m pro-house too, but I don’t think we will be happiest with the biggest house we can afford, I think we will be happiest with a house that suits us. I think Pea agrees, but some of the nice fancy houses are REALLY nice. (6 bedrooms, though? no thanks).


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