Posts in my mind

Akin to Jenny S. over at, a list of posts I could, but am unlikely to, write.

Week One of Professing: Just staple your offer letter to your forehead, it is always required.

Oh God What Was Their Name Again? How my brain is teflon.

Who Is More Nervous: Prospective student or me?

Pea and Moss: The Moss Awakens*

Parents and Their Marriages; an observational (depressing) study.

Dear Canada, That’s Enough Winter. Why are you laughing?

Schrodinger’s Wardrobe: How I can dress as a professor and be told I look like a student in the same instant!

Please Don’t Go Away, Pea.**


*watching Star Wars, the ultimate scene, the big reveal. Pea leans over “look at all the nice moss!”. I die laughing. We later determined the scene was shot in Ireland, catapulting Ireland as a travel destination into our top three.

**Likely you will actually have the pleasure of reading seventy million variants of this post in the next four months.

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