So many day 1s.

Monday – day 1 at my new job.
Saturday – day 1 of a new cycle.
Sunday – day 1 without Pea.

Result – I am in my jammies, in front of the fireplace, watching the snow bluster and the wind howl, feeling like my brain is cotton-batting. Ostensibly I am working on a paper revision, but I’m writing here, so.. ha.


lab book update – In conversation with my nurse at the clinic in Hilly Quirky City, we have decided I am to go on the pill this month and just cycle on that once. The timing for a FET needs a 7 week lead-up, minimum, and if I had another 54-day cycle, we’d only have 6 weeks before the ideal date (as late as possible, but not overlapping with Pea’s move from Hilly Quirky, as I’m using his insurance for this). It was possible my cycle would shorten, but with Pea out of town, who needs that kind of stress? Added bonus – while I will still limit dairy consciously, I am going to allow myself some cheese while on the pill.  Yay cheese!
I am ok with this. It relieves a lot of pressure on me: if my body is good at anything, it is good at being contrary at crunch time. I am not thrilled only because this is the pill from hell, so I’m looking forward to three weeks of random spotting, fun times.


2 thoughts on “So many day 1s.

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Every pill I’ve ever taken has produced random spotting for about 6 months. Find a yoga class (or something equivalent) and use it to help you work through the pill-related craziness (unless that particular side effect is just me).

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m pretty sure the pill would calm down with the spotting if I took it consistently, but I’m always going from not being on it to taking it for six weeks straight without letting a period happen. So it’s understandable it’s been messed up… maybe this time it’ll be a bit smoother if I actually take it as directed?
      There is a yoga studio a ten minute walk from me! They do a two-week unlimited initial membership deal that I am going to go sign up for on Tuesday. Seems like more flow than ashtanga, but should still be good! 🙂


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