on timing

Good story or bad story first?

Bad story, always nice to end happy.

The massive grant and prestigious position application I’ve been working on whining about, that was submitted in late December, a week or so in advance of the 31st deadline? It turns out there was a requirement that I be employed outside the country at time of submission. I was not. Hence, I am not eligible for submission as a foreign applicant. All is not lost, I will now just submit in April with the normal submission cycle. The review will not be expedited, but there is apparently meant to be no change at all in my likelihood of receiving said position (which, being a nomination-only award, isn’t a competition. It is solely about my stand-alone merit).

I am pretty frustrated, as this will mean I need to rewrite the sections that sound like I am projecting about my time at Innovation U., since I will actually already be there at time of submission. I also will need to update my CV and a myriad of small details connected to events in the next four months. However, I do not have to get new reference letters, so this is, while seriously annoying, not an actually-serious misstep. The person at the research office I work with for this was abjectly apologetic for missing that requirement when giving me deadlines. I admit, it was a mistake of hers, but it also took me eight months to get this application put together, so there was really no need for it to have come down to the wire so badly. I am very much feeling “it is what it is” about this.

Good story!

Remember the %$&#%# book chapter? You are forgiven if you do not, since the email from the book editor I received yesterday was to apologize for my chapter having been accepted for over a year with no update from them. Apparently the book is ready to be sent to the publisher, which is a small miracle on its own. The editor, who was my Ph.D. external examiner and who has turned into a lovely colleague, was emailing to ask if I would like to update my affiliation, from Fancy Pants U. to Innovation U. He had noticed my move, and when compiling the chapters thought to reach out to me.

Oh, hells yes. I’d like to think I’d have thought of this when/if I was given proofs, but good gracious, this is fantastic timing. It means that, within a year or two (book publishing being what it is), but before my three year review, I will have a publication with my new affiliation and lacking ANY of my former supervisors. I have this essentially in hand already, two weeks into this position. Evidence of independent research: check. Book chapters aren’t as valuable as journal articles in my field, but every bit counts when starting up, and this is serendipity of timing at its finest.


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