mortgage mis-steps

It turns out no one interviews realtors to be their buying agent. The three realtors I interviewed thought it was a good idea, but also that it was weird. They did varyingly good jobs at hiding how weird they thought it was.  Super awkward for all.

Pro tip though, if you are being interviewed by one half of a partnership, and you’ve been given that one person’s contact information, maybe put that person‘s name in your phone, and not the other partner. Nothing says “I don’t want to work with you” to me quicker than Pea’s name on your phone above our text conversation, when you are aware Pea is in a different country.

Side note/whine: Mortgages and house buying are hard! Who says I have to be an adult? Who?! Let me at ’em.
We have not even started really looking, I’ve just been securing financing, a realtor, and going to open houses. Which I guess is the same as starting to really look, but I am already over this process, my goodness.


6 thoughts on “mortgage mis-steps

  1. Jenny F. Scientist

    Well F them! I phone interviewed our buyer’s agent. I had a list and everything and insisted on a six month contract in case I hated him! Look, you’re fixing to pay them thousands of dollars, the least they can do is answer your damn questions.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I think maybe people who do not do research for a living do not automatically research other aspects of their lives? I have heard so many stories of people hating their agents, and changing them mid-search.. it just made sense to me to skip that step if I could.

  2. rainbowgoblin

    My brother really liked his realtor in Lunchbox City. Want me to ask if she can recommend someone in Innovation U City (I can’t remember what you’re calling your new home!)?

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I realized the other day I don’t have a name for New City yet, and New City isn’t going to work long term… I’ll think about it!
      I have successfully found a realtor that I like, and despite my love of research, I can’t keep interviewing people for mortgages and realtors, so I’ve made choices and am moving forward (which I feel better about, phew!).


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