sunshine is good for the brain pan

I’ve just arrived in BBQ City, enroute to Incredibly Narrow Island for a conference, in the south. Like, the South, y’all. E.g., there are two Tex-mex kiosks and one BBQ and one brisket-only food spots in the airport I’m cooling my heels in. I’m excited. It is above freezing. It promises to be sunny at least two of the days.

I have toughened up in the past month, but winter is not fun, and I have been struggling with the angle and intensity of the Canadian sun in January*. A sojourn somewhere more in-line with the sun is a well-timed break.

Add that it is a fancy conference and my way has been paid because I’m an invited speaker, and I’m feeling pretty fancy indeed.

I’m here til Friday, and then I fly home to Needs Real Name City**, as does Pea! And then the great house hunt begins!  With Pea! In real life! Pea!***


* angle = I can barely see you down there, sun. intensity = I’m not sure you’re trying, sun.
** I honestly still don’t know enough about New City to give it a name. Or it hasn’t made enough of a mark yet? I’m working on it. Well, not this week.
*** I am excited to see Pea. I wanted to be sure that was clear.

2 thoughts on “sunshine is good for the brain pan

  1. Haisla

    Oh, enjoy the fancy!! Sounds very exciting! And soon you’ll have Pea back. How much better can things get!!??xx


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