clearing hurdles

My dad came through his surgery with flying colours last night – it was a lot quicker than we had thought it would be*, and they put in a lot of hardware. He’s the proud owner of two rods, four screws, and a bone graft fusing his C1 and C2 vertebrae.

Apparently he did not sleep well, likely a combo of coming off anesthesia and new pain.

Continuing a better trend in news, he can now have a tracheostomy performed, moving the ventilator from his mouth to his neck. This will be heaps more comfortable, and also give him full range of facial motion. So he’ll be able to mouth things as well as blink-spelling, which should help a lot. There are many youtube videos on lip reading, so I’m going to try to brush up in the next while.

I feel heaps better knowing this hurdle has been cleared. Now healing, preventing infection, and working to improve his ability to communicate are the orders of the day.  I’m still leaning on the military to get us an exoskeleton for him to stomp around in, but that may take time and possibly a heist.


* getting a phone call four hours in to what is meant to be a six-seven hour surgery is a really good way to give yourself a heart attack.


2 thoughts on “clearing hurdles

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Oh, I’m glad you finally got some good news. On the subject of the communication issue, I have a friend whose husband has locked in syndrome as the result of a stroke (it happened in his late 20s, I think). He’s not paralysed, exactly, but has very little use of his body and communicates using a letter board. I gather there are more sophisticated computer-based options, but that’s what he’s comfortable with. Anyway, once your life settles down a bit, I’d be happy to put you in touch… I don’t know Nick well, but I guess he’s pretty active on Facebook.

  2. Haisla

    I’m so pleased to hear your dad’s operation went so well and took much shorter time than anticipated. I hope his recovery and healing will continue on as smoothly.xx


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