knotty problems

I went to yoga last night, in a forced self-care move.

I love my yoga instructor, and this studio. They are the best things in my life here, far and away. I have a hard time finding yoga instructors who don’t annoy me, but this one is simultaneously clinical and amusing in her approach, and she makes us work.

I almost didn’t go, because I am feeling overwhelmed in large part because I got an email from a colleague warning me that my fancy paper is about to be scooped by a rival lab. There is one long and boring thing that has to be done before I can resubmit it (the paper is accepted, but they wanted a new 3,000 line table, and there is no good automated way to generate it, believe me, I tried). I’d already been spending my evenings on it, every evening. Yesterday and today I’ve spent finishing it up, to the detriment of everything else on my plate.

I leave Saturday for a week in Capital City with my dad and step-mother. I know I will be able to do some work there, but also that it will be fit into the nooks and crannies of the ICU schedule, and I know I don’t work well that way.

I wanted a lot more done before I left, but this is the priority and I need it to be done, so I will continue to tread water elsewhere until it is.

I did submit a grant application on Monday, so I get one check mark in the ‘my god I’m a professor’ column.


One thought on “knotty problems

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Yoga! I miss yoga! Before our kids were born we agreed that we’d each get a night off to play squash or do yoga or whatever. It might even have been 2 nights. Ha. I did pregnancy yoga, and then mum and baby yoga (while Steffen was on parental leave) but I look forward to the day when having a night off is something I still have energy for (I’m not actually complaining, I don’t mind being very tired at the end of the day. But yoga will be nice some day).


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