bullet points of happiness

Life has been pretty dark this month, so I’m forcibly focusing on the light.

  • Dinner with a good friend, with giggling and shared “I thought of you when I saw this so I bought it for you, sorry it’s so silly” gifts
  • Pea sending me a good morning picture of his sleepy, tousled self
  • the housing market picking up in March compared to last month – many better prospects for our hunting next week
  • A long conversation with my dad with his speaking tube attachment. Complaints about the state of Canuckian hockey have never sounded so good
  • My dad deciding clucking his tongue is a better way to get my attention than making a gagging sound when not on the speaking tube (omg thank you)
  • Resubmitting my prestigious-journal paper, accepted in principle pending these revisions and hopefully accepted for true next week. We’re trying for the cover, which would be gravy, delicious gravy
  • Idle conversations with my step-mother about whether her monthly pass for the hospital parking lot would be good at the hospital we think my dad will be transferred to eventually. When I left Capital City last time, three weeks ago, I bought my step-mother a week’s parking pass. A month felt presumptuous, like testing fate that we’d need it that long
  • eating a quarter of an apple pie directly out of the pan, home in my own (rented) house

I started this list yesterday, but didn’t get to finish it til tonight. I’m back from my week, I’m exhausted, and I’m decompressing with wine and pie and TV. There is a heap of emails I should answer and a heap of emails I should write, but I’m leaving it all til tomorrow.


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