when you need an outlet

Sometimes there are things I want to talk about on Facebook or Twitter, but I can’t (either too personal, or just not ready for the public). It’s in these moments that I love that I can ping my family and share excitement, be it about something truly newsworthy, or just a really good bowel movement*.

I pinged my family today, all of them. Not because my bowels are behaving**, but because CARL ZIMMER EMAILED ME TO TELL ME MY PAPER IS and I’m quoting here because I can quote something CARL ZIMMER*** wrote to ME: “very cool”.

This was not entirely out of the blue – a collaborator who had read over my fancy paper had suggested that this was right up Carl’s alley, and that he could connect us if/when the paper was further through the process. I followed up with said collaborator today, so I did actually ask for someone to send my paper to Carl Zimmer.

However. He emailed me within the HOUR. And he said it was very cool!

I’m gonna be riding this one for a while, bear with me.


* my younger sister and I routinely discuss BMs.
** my bowel is in terrible shape. Not sure if birth control pills, metformin, stress, or the fact that my diet yo yos between “skipping meals and eating muffins when I walk by donut shops, la la la” and “yes, all the chocolate, please remove that broccoli from my sight”. Despite these dietary choices, I’m very very thin. Overly thin. Ah stress and grief.
*** If you are Canadian, Carl Zimmer is the American David Suzuki. If you are neither Canadian nor American, he’s a super famous popular science writer.


5 thoughts on “when you need an outlet

  1. rainbowgoblin

    That’s amazing! You’re such a star… Also, you should make my carrot hummus recipe. Carrots will sort your guts out, and hummus feels like junk food.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m excited, but also now worried that too much exposure will expose giant flaws in this paper. It’s on the tree of life, so it was going to be contentious no matter what….

  2. Turia

    So I maybe had to look up who he was when you first pinged me… But I was very excited when I figured it out!!

    I have said this before, but will say it again- you are a superstar!


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