Hilly Quirky

I’ve been back in Hilly Quirky City since Friday evening. I’ve eaten some delicious Mexican food with friends. I’ve eaten some delicious Thai food with friends. I’ve shopped a lot, despite hating shopping: the stores are walkable and also better here. We went for a long ramble of a hike with some friends on Sunday in the sun and amidst the green (green! here! Rain is a wondrous thing). Today I went to my old lab for a meeting with my supervisor and to lunch with my folk there. It has been lovely.

I have explained how awful the past two months have been to many people, people expecting a chipper update about New City and Innovation U, people who knew the basics of what was going on, people who noticed I look a bit beat up around the edges and asked why. It has been hard, and also underlines how few people I have in New City so far. It will take time (all of it: parents, life, friendships).

It has been good to be here, and it has been fun to be back in my own apartment with Pea. Pea, who I thought was adulting better than I was in our separation, has hilariously let certain things slide*. Pea had also not even remotely begun learning the dance for the flashmob in the wedding this weekend, so I’ve cajoled him into some dance sessions in the evenings. In return, he has made me home-made chicken noodle soup (including home-made stock and noodles), indulged my every foodie whim, and provided unlimited snuggles free of charge.


* I mean, Pea has not cleaned a bathroom since we started living together**. It is not like I should have expected him to clean the bathrooms, but I did. However, we are giving our landlord notice today and think they will want to come in this weekend while we are away, so yesterday Pea and I cleaned the bathrooms. I made him do the really dirty work.
** he does many other household chores, including vacuuming (which makes me asthmatic) and deep-cleaning the kitchen every time I clean the bathrooms. It is equitable.


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