Embryo transfer was today – one 5bb blast hatching out of its shell, pronounced lovely by the doctor, in large part because it came through the thaw perfectly. Transfer was smooth, and I’ve spent the later afternoon tucked in bed waiting for the valium to wear off.

A 5bb is not great, but it is better than anything we’ve ever had.  Here’s the little duck, I think post-thaw yesterday rather than pre transfer today, as it is not hatching here, but was visibly in the microscope image as they picked it up in the catheter (my clinic has all the cool gadgets). It’s a bit of a mess, as our embryos so often are.


A nice moment in the waiting room – my clinic has different waiting rooms for different stages (monitoring, retrieval, transfer). Another couple was just ahead of us, with the woman obviously doped up like I was. We shared druggy grins, and on their way out, she stopped to wish us luck. She asked if it was our first transfer, I said no with a wry smile. Hers? Yes, but they’ve struggled with RPL. “Me too”, I said, and she nudged my foot with hers. We’re a clan, we infertiles, and Pea and I wished them all the best as they left.

I have, to be perfectly honest, continually forgotten about this cycle. Example, this exchange yesterday:

Me: to friend: Oh, yes! Climbing on Tuesday! Let’s make that happen!
Pea: Will you be able to climb?
Me: Yah, I have my shoes here and…. no. No I will not be able to climb. To friend:  I will not be able to climb, we are throwing an embryo at my uterus tomorrow.
Friend: Oh wow, I had no idea you were doing a cycle on top of everything this week.
Me: Yah! I guess so!

I have managed to take all my drugs at approximately the right times (progesterone has been a touch erratic with the time zones and a later night on Friday for poker with work colleagues*, but not awful. Within accepted windows, at least.)

* Poker with real live people! It was fun. I was losing for a while, and then winning quite decisively when I ran a full house into four of a kind against the second largest stack. It was a quick dwindle and exit for me after that one (such a good hand, he played it to perfection!).


4 thoughts on “PUPO

  1. Turia

    Oh, I always love seeing the embryo pics- my clinic never did that.
    Honestly, I think forgetting about the cycle is not a bad mindset to be in. Certainly better than stressing and over-analyzing.
    I would like to say that the universe owes you one, because IT SO CLEARLY DOES, but, as we both know, it is all just so completely random. But I am hopeful nonetheless.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      It is nice to see the picture, but only if the embryo looks ok. The last FET one was so obviously a weird and bad embryo (obvious after looking at internet embryo pictures, naturally) that it was pretty depressing.
      I quietly think I might get pregnant because that would be a whole new level of stress and transition, as I sit here with packers in my apartment at the cusp of one transition. Everything is random, but my whole life sure seems to like upheaval..


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