I would marry him twice

Bullets of Pea

  • after realizing we CAN ship our mattress, Pea decides we shall sleep on thermarests and sleeping bags for our last two nights in Hilly Quirky. He then decided, entirely independently, that this is a terrible idea for my birthday and instead looked up fancy hotels with views of my favorite bridge. We ended up at a more modest one nearish the apartment but with a panoramic lounge on the 39th floor and a king bed.
  • this morning, waking up, I get up to pee, and come back to find Pea waaaay over on my side. Pea: “the bed is so big I might lose you for cuddles. Also I wanted to try out your pillows.”
  • Pea submitted a bug report at Golden Company to see about improving voice recognition software, for my dad. He used official channels to try to spur a billion dollar company into making my dad’s life better. Something might even come from it.
  • The day before we flew to New City, between brunches and dinners with friends and managing the various services cleaning our apartment (property management companies are the Worst, don’t rent from them!), Pea demands we visit a jewellery store he likes. Ostensibly to get me a birthday present (which we did), but we mostly ended up looking at wedding rings for him, and found one. I am making this man move thousands of miles and he is giving up a job he loves and a city he really enjoys. On the day of that transition, he finds a wedding ring*. Be still my heart.
  • pea left a cupboard door open in the hotel room so we’d remember the sourdough starter we’d put in the fridge. I slammed into it in the wee hours, bruising and bloodying a toe. Pea then packed his rolly suitcase full of very heavy disc drives, and then ran my toe over (twice). On balance, I think I will forgive him.

* Pea bought my rings, so I bought his. Was this the right moment financially to spend several thousand on a ring? No. Did I hesitate for a second? No. Reference above.


3 thoughts on “I would marry him twice

  1. Turia

    Pea is awesome. I have said it before and will say it again. And he is the perfect, perfect match for you.

    As an aside, what was on that ring??!! We just had to replace Q.’s band after he lost it at the pool and it was $300 because back when we were choosing them in 2007 he opted for the thinnest, simplest, band available, and then picked the equivalent option as a replacement.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Pea likes unique jewelry made by local designers…. it’s a simple gold band, with raw gold nuggets embedded and half-polished, so it is a one-of-a-kind piece. It’s similar to my engagement ring it that it is obviously a wedding band without looking exactly like a wedding band.
      It was crazy expensive, but I don’t care, it’s what he wanted and it was less expensive than my rings.


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