duck duck duck… no, DUCK, that thing is dive bombing you

Innovation U’s campus is host to a myriad of extremely territorial geese. They nest on the roofs of buildings. They harangue passerby, pigeons, and even once a raccoon*.

Tis the season of glorious fecundity of nature, meaning there are now many many families of geese on campus. Pairs of adults with packs of fuzzy wee balls popping along, generally making bad life decisions, only to be corralled back into line by an aforementioned adult.

This has not, as you may imagine, made the geese LESS territorial or aggressive. They are now downright terrifying, forming a gauntlet I must pass through to and from my building.

The goslings are dang cute though. Not an ugly duckling among them.


One such family. Not pictured, the other adult glaring at me suspiciously

* actually, they probably harangue raccoons continually, but I’ve only seen it once.


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