fourth time’s the charm?

I was going to wait til much closer to my beta (next Monday) to test, but I caught a miserable head cold earlier this week and by Wednesday was pretty desperate to be able to take something for it.  So I bought a test (two, because it is more cost effective to buy two at a time, and we know how much I love tests).

I took it on Thursday, immediately after Pea and I signed all the papers for our house, once I had gotten to work. I was going to make my volunteers move all the tables and desks around between my two lab spaces, and I also wanted to know if I could help.

I could not help, it turned out.


Reactions have been a funny mix.

Me: I unabashedly cried in the bathroom at work (private staff bathroom). That line is A LINE. It came up before the control line. I have never had something so definitive. Now I’m holding off my manic planning until betas are in (and possibly until heartbeat seen? It all still seems presumptuous). I think it is RIDICULOUS that this worked.

Pea: “Oh! That is good!  Where shall we order pizza from?” cheek smooch (because I’m germy as all get out and neither of us can really get excited about positive pregnancy tests anymore)

Turia: “SHIT – that is a dark line!” Followed immediately by many text messages spanning the gamut of midwives to when I can get off the anticoagulant*. I love that she is so excited and forward thinking, as neither Pea nor I really feel we can afford to be yet.

Sister C: “EEEEeeeeeeee! OMG!”

How I am feeling: not very nervous about the beta, this one looks like problems will be later discoveries should there be any. Thirsty. Tired. Otherwise normal. This time round has a markedly different phenotype from the last three, so I genuinely did not know what to expect from that test while I was peeing on it. Slightly flabbergasted, as we’re now 3 for 4 on embryo transfer implantations, which is way higher than statistics would predict.


* Anticoagulant is probably straight-through to near end of 3rd trimester, as my clotting disorder is associated with late-stage miscarriage. The disorder and the anticoagulant makes me a high risk pregnancy from the get-go, so it’s possible midwives are not an option for me, or would be a back-up to an OB-GYN. I will call around in case, as midwives would be nice to have.

5 thoughts on “fourth time’s the charm?

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Holy shit! What’s the anticoagulant you’re on? I was considered high-ish risk with Miso because of significant IUGR for Tommy, and because I’d had a C-section. A midwife was still the standard of care, I just couldn’t deliver in a birth centre and had to have a shit ton of ultrasounds (and weekly visits with an OB from week 35 which seemed like it was primarily to try to pressure me into a scheduled C-section). I hope you get a midwife, they’re generally so much less likely to treat pregnancy like a pathology! Though in the end both my kids were delivered by OBs and I loved them both (the OBs… the kids too, of course).

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m on Lovenox. I just read up again on antiphospholipid syndrome, and it’s brutal (fetal loss, eclampsia, etc. etc. etc.). Sigh… I will just hold my breath for now, and see how it all goes.
      I may look into a midwife too, but they are in such high demand I almost think I should leave them to someone who won’t also be closely monitored by an OB.


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