Beta #1, 14dp5dt: 1625

This is a whole new ballgame.

Previous highest beta: 150, and that after a week of awful plateaued betas.

I will admit, I’m a bit excited now. Also very thirsty. I go back on Wednesday to determine doubling rate, and my Canuckian clinic is in contact with my US clinic to decide on steps forward, prescriptions, and the like.

Both of my nurses have been great about managing this transition. The Canadian nurse is slightly aghast at the number of needles I’m taking (2/day minimum with progesterone and lovenox, and 3/day when I add in the estrogen). Apparently the injectable estrogen is not available in Canada, so they are going to switch me to oral pills (hooray!!), provided my US clinic is not worried on that score.

My Canadian nurse, on the phone, clarified some details about the cycle (medicated? yes. lupron? yes. number of embryos? 1). “Oh good”, she said. This is a high enough beta that it could be twins, except that is very very unlikely. My head cannot really wrap around this number.

6 thoughts on “Beta #1, 14dp5dt: 1625

  1. Jessica

    Also, FWIW at 19DPO my HCG was 1938 and I had a singleton so, that doesn’t seem terribly high to me for them to worry about twins.

    I’ve been following along and I’m so happy for you!!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Jessica! It is right in the singleton range, but the median on beta base is 865 for singletons and 1650 for twins, so it was potentially reasonable (but! only 1 embryo! so no mystery there).


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