decision fatigue

I woke up this morning at home, with Pea next to me and with nothing major on the schedule for the day – no trips to the airport, no house showings, no making offers on houses. It is the first Sunday in twelve weekends where this has been true. (8 weekends of me being out of New City, 2 weekends of us house hunting/offering/inspecting, and 1 weekend back in mid-February where I was home for the weekend, but on my own).

It is perhaps no wonder I am so tired. I am tired in less of a physical way (though I am getting very sleepy pretty early these days*), rather more in a mental way. I’m having a harder time making decisions or mustering the gumption to wade into something unfamiliar or unknown than is usually the case. It is worth noting that my job at this moment is essentially 100% making decisions and starting things that are mostly unfamiliar unknowns, which is not helping me build reserves of mental energy.

Pea arrived yesterday morning from Sunny State, and that marks the official end of our long distance stint, as well as the end of all travel for the next long while. I have a workshop in the Exotic Far East in July that I am going to gracefully withdraw from (tooooo long a flight for a monkey with a clotting disorder and a bun in the oven).

This week, I cleared our belongings out of customs, and closed on our house, with final walk-through and key pickup. Pea arrived yesterday on the red-eye, and we spent the afternoon in the house, excited but also (inevitably) making unexpected and not-so-pleasant discoveries**. We got the ducts cleaned yesterday, and were going to spend today cleaning out the house and doing some yard work, but it is snowing (?!?) so I’m not sure about the outdoor part of our plan.

* thanks, progesterone! I am otherwise feeling fine. Still thirsty. Otherwise normal.
** discoveries like a giant pile of garbage at the curb/on the lawn. Like a bunch of random electronics (broken speakers, power backups) scattered around in the house. When I did the final walk through, they were still packing. When I came back after closing, they were frantically still moving out (RIDICULOUS). Only when they were actually gone, and when, conveniently, the legal boundaries on when we could complain about things had passed, were we able to get into the house as owners. I am grumpy, but she also left a piano from 1907, a chiminea, and all her bird feeders and a bunch of gardening equipment, so we’re probably ahead overall. I’m really excited about the piano (we knew she was leaving that), I’ve been idly wanting to learn for a few years now. Pea used to play to quite a high level, but I’ve never heard him tickle the ivories.


2 thoughts on “decision fatigue

  1. Turia

    I think under the circumstances I would be surprised if you felt like you still had bottomless room for decision making!

    Ooh, a piano. I have been coveting one for a couple of years now (no idea where we would put it) so am very excited on your behalf!


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