conversations with Pea about other legumes

Me: Turia had a funny thing happen the other day, where an autoflushing toilet scared her baby so much it flipped around!
Pea: Can you feel if the baby is moving around?*
Me: … the embryo is the size of a lentil right now. I cannot feel it. That will take a while.
Pea: Well, is it lentil side up, or lentil side down?
Me: ….
Pea: Maybe I can tell.  Prods my stomach repeatedly Lentil side up, I’m pretty sure. Oh! It might have just flipped.
Me: next week it will be the size of a blueberry and you might have better luck.
Pea: Ooooh!

Me: vacuums cobwebs out of ceiling corners for an hour, which involves looking up and spinning around continually
Me: bent over I do not feel at all well. I am very nauseous.
Pea: That’s a great sign!
Me: I do not think it is morning sickness, I think I gave myself motion sickness.
Pea: Well, you should sit down til you are less dizzy, but I think it is probably related to the pregnancy.
Me: I really do not think so.
Pea: Well, I have never seen you get motion sick before from anything.
Me: That is true…


* I am 90% sure he was kidding. 90%.

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