7 weeks 1 day, first scan, all is well

An update! I got a notification my blog had a lot of traffic on it, so I think maybe some of you are checking in. That makes me smile.

Today Pea and I wandered over to the clinic for our mid-morning appointment, me with bladder full to bursting.

We were worried, thanks to a day of mucousy brown spotting and cramps yesterday, and my perceived lack of symptoms (nausea had been a daily afternoon arrival, but absent for two days. Constipation had shifted to making up for lost time*. My abdomen was no longer tight, my jeans fit comfortably**). I spent the afternoon on self-enforced bed rest to try to get the cramps to ease, or the spotting to stop, to no real avail. I was, I will freely admit, 95% convinced this pregnancy was over yesterday.

So we arrived, filled with trepidation. At my clinic, they make the partner wait outside while they do all their clicking and measuring and photographing, all of which I could not see. They then brought Pea in, and showed us both a video of the embryo in my uterus, a squat little blob with heartbeat flickering away. I was a bit in shock, I think.

The tech wasn’t willing to share any details about heart rate or size or any such thing, but she was good enough to say “yes” when I asked her if there was anything to be seen when she was first clicking around. So we headed downstairs to see (meet!) my doctor.

The upshot: the baby is measuring 7w3d, and has a heart rate of 155. The yolk sac looks normal. Everything looks totally normal. They didn’t see any reason for the spotting but were also not very worried about it (it had stopped by this morning).

I am so relieved. I am also perhaps a little in shock still, as I’d almost made my peace with another loss.


My doctor is going to refer me to one of the OBs in her building (hooray!!), and is, as her reviews stated but which I had forgotten about, very very very understated, quiet, and dry. She is not personable. She is still pretty aghast at the number of drugs I’m on, but thinks they are all probably necessary and is ok with the timings for weaning off them. I like her, but I tend to like really no-nonsense, not particularly empathetic doctor personalities. I will have to ask Pea after work what he thought.

We didn’t get a picture!! Which is a little sad, but picture a grey background with a black circle in it, and within that circle a grainy grey blob. Voila! Our embryo. Possibly fetus now, I should check when that switches. I’m still having a hard time calling it a baby.


* in retrospect, and with the reassurance of a normally progressing pregnancy, this also happened right when Pea and I got our kitchen unpacked and finally started cooking for ourselves rather than ordering takeout.
** yes, I can see how my bowels moving might directly connect to this lack of abdominal bloat, but tell that to a panicked bleeding monkey.


7 thoughts on “7 weeks 1 day, first scan, all is well

  1. rainbowgoblin

    I’m not sure if this will actually help, but brown spotting or pink spotting that turns brown in a day or so are pretty much always fine. Also, around either 6 weeks or 10 weeks (or possibly both, I can’t remember for sure) spotting is especially common because there are new blood vessels that form around the cervix at that (or those?) point(s) and they’re very delicate. Freaked me right out, too.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      All of my internet searching told me this was super common, but also that it was about 50:50 everything ok : miscarriage. I didn’t think my track record was likely to put me in the happy 50%. It helped that the spotting stopped for most of the day.


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