Weighty matters, part the second

I’m having a hard time deciding what my pre-pregnancy weight was. It shouldn’t be hard – I weigh myself weekly, and usually my weight doesn’t fluctuate by much. Usually.

Let’s say my usual weight in the past year and a bit has been X.

I weighed myself a day before I started Lupron for this cycle, while in Hilly Quirky and after a month of  stress and the attendant lack of eating (for me, very high stress means I eat little). I was X-2.

I weighed myself the day before the embryo transfer, at the peak of Lupron and progesterone bloat. I was X+6.

I’ve been eating takeout for over a week, and not getting any exercise for the past month. I weighed myself this morning, as we finally unpacked the scale yesterday. I am X-5.

if I take X as my normal day-to-day weight, then I have some eating to do! Egads. I was sincerely expecting something more like X+3 and an impetus to clean up my act.

I get that, all told, 5 pounds here or there is not something I need worry about. But I like math and graphing things and I’d like to start at an accurate point.

Also, in perusing What to Expect, I came across a breakdown of the weight gained in pregnancy. About a third is baby + placenta. Another third to a half  is just fluid (amniotic, blood, etc.), and the rest is fat stores. They suggested seven pounds of fat stores, and AND two pounds of breast tissue! Two POUNDS!! Good grief. I doubt the ladies weigh a pound put together right now. Pea was astounded but pleased.



9 thoughts on “Weighty matters, part the second

      1. Jenny F. Scientist

        I think it’s pretty much that way about everything. All drugs are bad! None are safe! Never take even a medium hot bath, your lentil sized baby will suffer! A single sip of wine will cause birth defects! Never have a single drink while nursing! Don’t sleep on your back ever, the baby will die! (Spoiler: none of this is true.). Plus I was working full time at the time so… no.

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Throw it away! Throw it away! Or use it to start a fire. It is NOT book that will help someone like you. Get Hungry Monkey. Or Expecting Better (probably more relevant right now, but Hungry Monkey will give you things to look forward to with both excitement and dread). And I think your pre-pregnancy weight is X. And lots of people lose in the first trimester, so focus on eating well, regardless of what the scale says. But you know that. Try to believe it.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Ha ha ha, I am getting there with it. It is mostly the sincere surprise/caution for working pregnant women that is driving me nuts. I’ll check out the other options! 🙂
      I do believe it. I was just really surprised to find my weight was so low right now. I’ll keep eating well, but maybe try to add a snack in more often.

      1. Jenny F. Scientist

        Cautionary note: EB believes that any amount of alcohol causes fetal damage throughout pregnancy which is sorely mistaken. (Thanks, journalist lady! Way to go!) Alice Callahan’s book is very good for actual babies too (science of mom blog writer, PhD in infant nutrition).

  2. Turia

    I didn’t get the impression from Expecting Better (which I loved) that all alcohol was bad- she’s very clear that the first trimester isn’t a great plan, but then you’re perfectly ok to enjoy the odd 1/2 a glass here and there. In fact, her book is the exact reason I did drink a bit with this pregnancy.

    The Informed Parent (which covers pregnancy and the first four years and is another science/evidence-based book), on the other hand, was much more negative and worry inducing. Glad I only read it last month. The Science of Mom is great.

    I actually like the What to Expect books- they are super cautious and worry inducing, but they were also consistently the only books that would actually cover everything I was curious about.

    I would take X as your pre-pregnancy weight and then hide the scale and trust your body. (Because I am SO good at doing that…)

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I will check out some more books! I’m just getting them from the library, so find myself forced to read forward more than is reasonable (third tri, anyone?)… but I will find a balance.
      I’m going to weigh myself because I like numbers. I’m not actually worried about weight gain (yet) since this trimester is a bit anything-goes.

    2. Jenny F Scientist

      I must be thinking of a different book then! One with a journalist. **Googling..**. Ah! Emily Willingham.


      Your child might LOSE ONE IQ POINT! Or suffer from emotional problems later because of this incredibly nebulous ‘syndrome’ that we will apply to all alcohol – exposed children! Screw Europe, what do they know.

      (I drank, in reasonable moderation, with all 3 kids. Not in the 1st trimester because of nausea, not principle!)


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