A decision

I’ve decided I don’t want this blog to devolve into a constant thread of me worrying about this pregnancy. For many reasons, not least of which is that even I would not want to read that blog.

I’m going to start those update posts that chronicle the weekly progression of the pregnancy, and I’m going to mostly confine pregnancy musings to those entries. That way, if you are in a weird spot about fertility (of which I have been in many, and so deeply empathize) they will be relatively easy to avoid, and my blog should still have some interesting content along the way.

I am beat! Pea and I spent the whole day shopping today – two furniture stores, a hardware store, an office supply store, the mall, and a grocery store, in the unseasonable heat and humidity. We bought remarkably little for the amount of time taken, but still spent a small fortune*. I would just like to note for the official record that I hate shopping so much. I am very pleased we own a rain barrel, though.

* mostly on all the grocery items we weren’t allowed to ship across borders. Oils and vinegars and flours, oh my!


2 thoughts on “A decision

  1. Turia

    I was so happy to get rain barrels. And then we didn’t have the proper overflow valves and we had NO IDEA they would fill up so quickly when it rained. Ours are still disconnected as a result. Maybe you will inspire me to get them set up properly!


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