bump update #2

How far along? Nine weeks one day

Vital stats? Weight: -0.4 lbs. This seems wrong given (a) how much I am eating and (b) how my pants fit, but ok.

Sleep: I’m peeing once a night, but it has shifted earlier, so I’m often getting back to sleep more easily. I’m still having crazy dreams, but I’m waking up less groggy than last week.

How am I feeling physically? I said I was tired last week, but now I want to go over to last week’s Lab Monkey and tell her to get some sh*t done while she still feels so energetic. I am laaaaaagging. Not sure if it is the placenta ramping up progesterone as it gets going, or if the wee parasite is sapping more energy as it grows, but yeeeeesh. Last night I tucked into bed around 8:30 to read and rest briefly before helping Pea unpack, and failed to emerge other than to brush my teeth for proper bed time. Nausea comes and goes, still usually in the late afternoon. Mostly the new thing is smells – I had to take my recycling in my office out because the sharpie marker on the starbucks cup inside the bin was stinking up the room. The kitchen garbage and green bin are becoming dangerous to approach, as they’ll turn my stomach pretty easily. The whole campus smells like curry today (I have no idea why), and it’s seriously bothering me.

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m ok. I’m still feeling cautious about this. I’ve worried about a number of things (January baby = bleak and cold = isolation!, new grad student applicants and do they have the right to know*, how long I can fit in my usual pants given my usual pants were maybe too small to begin with?) – but as you can see, all of my worried assume the best for this pregnancy, so I think that’s pretty good.

Best moment? Nothing really pregnancy related. We visited parents this weekend, and my Dad’s nurse on Saturday was benignly negligent and left us out on the balcony of the ICU alone from 1 pm til 7:30 pm. We (Pea, step-mom, dad, me) gabbed and played cribbage and ordered a pizza for dinner, and it was this lovely normal afternoon.

Medications: Estrace, 2mg 3x day (ended 8 weeks 6 days). Progesterone in oil, 1 mL, IM injection, 200 mg 3x day vaginal suppositories (in transition: IM injections end after tonight, but suppositories are to overlap by two days for continuity). Metformin, 500 mg 3x day. Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening to ward off blood-thinner related osteoporosis.

What I miss? My energy, and my brain. Yesterday I lost my ID card and then got on the wrong bus. I need to start realizing my brain shorts out on me, and start building in fail safes!

What I’m looking forward to? A quiet Saturday. The conference next week, in the Big Smoke, where I am a mini-keynote speaker (keynote of a concurrent session).

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I changed this category from “what I’ve done to get ready”.. I’ll change it back later, but for now will chronicle life/schedule/food changes. I got a bit more serious about exercise, despite the fatigue. I’m walking home from work, which is a 35 min walk. I’m going to go to my yoga studio for their prenatal class. I will eventually walk to and from work, but was ferrying text books from home to my office this week and didn’t think the added ~10 lbs a day was a necessary thing to hike with.

Milestones? The fetus is a fetus now and not an embryo. I think it is the size of a grape or a green olive right now, so that’s neat.


* I’ve decided they don’t, until I’m further along, and that will still be before they have to commit to starting a graduate program the same week I go on mat leave. I had a supervisor go on sabbatical a month after I started my M.Sc., and I was seriously angry he hadn’t mentioned it to me – I would likely have still done the degree with him, but without the unexpected uncertainty.



6 thoughts on “bump update #2

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Hey, you should start swimming! I realise the prospect probably sounds totally beyond manageable at the moment, but if you can get in and swim 4 lengths, that’s great, you can pick it up a bit in a month or two. Swimming is amazing for swollen ankles, and can help the baby get into position around the end of the third trimester… Not so useful now, but if you try to start swimming in the third trimester, when you’re huge and at least a little anemic, it’ll never happen.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I should, I really should! The pool on campus is salt water though, and I think I’m supposed to only swim in chlorinated? Do you have insight on this?
      Otherwise it might be tricky to figure out where to go and when I can go, but those are just excuses because I’m so tired. ha ha

      1. rainbowgoblin

        I’m not sure, but I would guess that if it’s safe enough that it doesn’t infect everyone else with pathogens, it should be fine. Hot tubs are bad during pregnancy, but it’s more because they can elevate your body temperature than because of any pathogens (hot tubs are gross, though. We should just generally avoid them).

      2. labmonkeyftw Post author

        I will look into it more! I agree it should be safe, but have a vague memory that salt water was out (something something pregnant immune system is shitty something)… but that is not sufficient evidence to make life choices on.

      3. rainbowgoblin

        I also found blog posts mentioning studies linking swimming in chlorinated pools during pregnancy to eczema in the baby, and while I suspect that’s bullshit, at least you know that won’t be an issue. Oh, and I swam in the ocean many times while pregnant, and I’ve seen lots of pregnant women at the beach here, so if there’s anything inherently problematic about salt water (as opposed to just pool water that isn’t chlorinated) no one has told the kiwis!

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