Things I have said in the past two days

  1. I’m on antibiotics. No, the strong ones, no beer for me but thank you.
  2. yes I am eating yogurt to recolonize my gut for after the  antibiotics are done*
  3. (to myself) If you can’t get through two hours and forty five minutes of structural biology talks then I’m not sure what to do with you.
  4. it’s not exactly how you hope these things go (in response to questions about the very angry, very public discrediting of my fancy paper by an uber-famous established old white man)
  5. (to Pea) my dinner was basically just cheese! Also lunch! Conferences are the best! **

* microbiologists are not the right crowd to lie about antibiotics to

** Pea: “Maybe try to eat some other food groups too…”

2 thoughts on “Things I have said in the past two days

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      they all wanted to know which one!! And then all told me I could have one beer when I randomly named one! So then I had to make up some hootenanny about being worried about my liver… uggggh microbiologists are the worst.


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