bump update #5

How far along? Twelve weeks! Twelve weeks and 2 days by ultrasound, but I think that’s just cause our baby is likely to be tall, as we are both well above average heights.

Vital stats? -0.4 lbs (sooo, that was bloat last week).

Sleep: Better. I’m mostly back to making it through the night without peeing, because I’ve started tapering my liquid intake a bit earlier. I had terrible dreams last night, with tunnels in the bed of spiders and something with tentacles, so am feeling a bit groggy today, but in general this week was much better for waking up feeling rested.

How am I feeling physically? Pretty good! My energy is definitely rebounding, and my gag reflex is mostly back to its usual low levels. My nose is stuffy and also highly able to smell, which seems counterintuitive. I’ve had some round ligament pain, from my uterus stretching I assume, and once after walking home I got really dizzy (it was hot), but in general, I’m walking one direction to/from work a day, and have better energy reserves and mental acuity.  Hurrah for nearing the second trimester!

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m in a pretty good place. Watching our baby on the ultrasound yesterday was pretty amazing. I’m worried about telling work – I’ve made a coffee date with the other professor who had a baby pre-tenure to ask her what to expect and what she did for mat leave, etc. I’ll meet with my chair next week, and will try to meet with HR slightly before that.

 Best moment? The ultrasound, and seeing our little duck! The baby was originally bopping around too much for the tech to get good pictures, but then settled down in a nice position. All is well – nuchal measurement at 1.4, heart rate at 158, all parts we might expect to see were in their proper places. S/he eventually grumpily flailed and rolled over and mooned us while we were poking at my stomach to encourage some movement during the “you can look at the screen now” portion of the ultrasound.

Pea: “but how big is the baby right now?”
Me: “golf ball, remember?”
Ultrasound tech: “Five and a half centimeters.”
Pea: *measures 5.5 cm on his finger. Looks at it dubiously.* “I cannot even imagine kicking a leg that small.” *kicks his leg out with expression of wonder on his face*

Medications: Progesterone, 200 mg 3x day vaginal suppositories, tapered to 200 mg 2x a day Sunday til Tuesday, then stopped. I was going to taper more, but I hate these things and I was told to just stop cold turkey. Metformin, 500 mg 3x day, tapered to 500 mg 2x/day for three days, currently on second day of 500 mg/1x day of taper. Metformin messes with my stomach, so a taper here is likely in my best interests despite being told to also stop cold turkey. Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening to ward off blood-thinner related osteoporosis.

What I miss? Not much, I’m in a decent spot right now. My complexion just started falling apart, so we shall see if that features next week.

What I’m looking forward to? Telling more of Pea’s family. His parents all know now, but we’ll tell his siblings in a week and a half, when all gathered together at their cottage.  No more midday drugs to keep track of, and just many fewer drugs in general with the loss of 6 pills/suppositories per day. I’ll be down to three vitamins, one aspirin, and a shot per day, which seems so much more manageable.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I took my belly button ring out. Or rather, Pea prised it apart with pliers and rubber bands and much failure. It was much more of an event than we were expecting (it is possible we were trying to unscrew the wrong end of the barbell?). It’s been in my navel since second year of undergrad, so it is strange to not have it, but this was always my cut-off – get pregnant, ditch navel jewelry. I also put Expecting Better on hold, thanks to recommendations from you lovelies!

Milestones? A good nuchal scan and a healthy happy baby on the screen. I don’t have another appointment for a month, so that grumpy baby mooning will have to keep us going for a while.

 And here, a picture from prior to us interrupting a nap to demand some movement. The little scrawny legs are my favorite.



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