on professional reporting

I have, in the past two weeks, filled out no less than four different “universal” CVs. Each with distinctly different formatting, and each with at least one category that necessitated me searching FAQ and online CVs for insight into what, precisely, I was meant to be reporting*.

Each of these “universal” formats has come about because someone in a position of influence was frustrated by this very phenomenon, and decided to rectify it by creating the one, the single, the ultimate CV, to be used in all instances and to save the frustrations of the masses. Which was subsequently not adopted by any group outside of their specific purview.

I am one such frustrated person.  I do not have a sphere of influence wherein I could impact this problem, and even if I did, I can’t see yet another “universal” CV being of use, so I would sit this battle out.

My kingdom for a helper monkey.  “Don’t you have an army of volunteers?” I hear you thinking.  I do. I do. And they are lovely. However, given one of them managed to fill out his emergency contact form with his own information (Relationship: “Bachelor”), and another has twice failed to sign the forms he is handing in to me, I’m not exactly willing to let them take over the often-nuanced and rigidly formatted data entry required for these ridiculous CVS.


* my favorite example: “Committee membership” with distinct, mandatory subcategories: a) Committees and b) Other Committees.


4 thoughts on “on professional reporting

  1. conceptionallychallenged

    Argh, yes. I do wonder if this is specific to academia. Perhaps others don’t waste as much time reformatting and rearranging CVs to state what you did in Committees, vs. in Other Committees?
    Also, please remember your decision to not create yet another universal CV once you have risen to power 😉


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