bump update #5

How far along? Thirteen weeks. Farewell first trimester. (holy crap)

Vital stats? +3.2 lbs (but again, after two days of delinquent intestines… so maybe a legitimate 1 or 1.5 now? No matter what, a non-ridiculous gain for the first trimester)

Sleep: Good. Back to normal, I’d say, including many fewer midnight bathroom runs. I already sleep on my left side exclusively, so I don’t need to train myself to sleep differently to ensure effective blood flow to the baby in the later stages, which is a small bonus.

How am I feeling physically? Very similar to last week, which is quite good. I’m walking to or from work each day, listening to a podcast and enjoying watching people’s gardens grow (their tomatoes are all ahead of ours, hmmm). Yesterday I walked to work, and I went to yoga, so it was a decently active day, and I’m not wrecked today. I’m not tired in the evenings at all, though I did nap for two hours on Sunday afternoon, somewhat unexpectedly.  I’m still really stuffy.  I’m also newly very hungry. Hungry all the time. In the past three days I have eaten a LOT.  I am sure this is normal, but I’m also a little worried given I just got rid of my metformin buffer, and weight gain is likely on the table in a way that it wasn’t for the first twelve weeks. I will keep an eye, and try also to eat healthier snacks*. Also, occasionally my boobs tingle for no apparent reason. It is distracting.

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m stressed, but mostly not about the pregnancy. My lab goes into the field for the first time next week, and there is a lot to organize. We tested all the equipment today, so I’m feeling better about it – one major glitch that I have a week to fix, and which should be relatively easy. I tell my Chair I’m pregnant tomorrow. I know that no one will feel negatively about this, as really I am my own boss and no one has signed me up to teach anything next year yet so I’m not even going to force rescheduling. I’m worried, but more worried about telling my students, which I will also try to do tomorrow if I see them, before the rumour mill can get to them.

 Best moment? I had a weekend-o-family, with my step-mother visiting for Canada Day, and an afternoon visit with my mom, Turia, E. and P. on the Saturday. Turia brought me an entire wardrobe of maternity gear. It is more numerous and varied and stylish than my actual wardrobe. It’s awesome, and given I’m using a hair-tie to expand my pant buttons, soon to be very much needed. We went to the park, and E. decided to make billy goat stew, where Pea was the highly uncooperative billy goat who kept sneaking out of the pot. Watching them play was such fun. My mom leaned over and said “he’s really going to be great at this, isn’t he?” – something I’ve known for years. My main motivation to get pregnant was so Pea would have a wee one to dote on, since I knew it would make him so happy, nurturer that he is.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening to ward off blood-thinner related osteoporosis.  So few! It is great.

What I miss? My complexion! I was right, my skin has fallen apart. Chest, face, and back of the neck. Bleargh. I also may buy some non-alcoholic beer, because it turns out I miss beer more than I would have thought. I’m deeply into fizzy drinks (we got a soda stream so I could have bubbly water all day all the time), so that might be part of it.

What I’m looking forward to? This weekend we are going to Rich and Famous Island Getaway, where Pea’s parents have a cottage. We managed to not go at the same time as the Current President’s Family this time, which will make the ferry easier (their cottage is not that fancy, but the locale is decidedly popular amongst the well-to-do). It will be busy and relaxing and sunny and fun. Pea’s family is messier than mine (emotionally), but I love them, and understand the dynamic much better than I did the first time we visited this spot four years ago.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I inherited maternity clothes! I made an appointment to see HR to fill out paperwork for leave, and to discuss my options for return-to-work timings. I signed up for the waitlist for the daycare on campus, which is also the best rated on in the city, and for which I have priority access because I’m an employee at Innovation U. These seem like real concrete steps!

Milestones? Out of the first trimester, a pretty solid milestone this week.

* I just love raisin bran muffins so much. So so much. And bagels. And poutine. I’m totally ok to eat anything now, so this is me relaxing an adult lifetime’s worth of generally watching what I eat and being slightly restrictive. Which is fine until I gain eight pounds in a week and have to ratchet back. Better to begin how I mean to continue… but raisin bran muffins are so delicious!  What I need to do is make my own, so they are less a small cake and more an actual nutritious snack. I will look into it.


2 thoughts on “bump update #5

  1. rainbowgoblin

    I think I signed up for the same daycare as you! They sent me an email asking if we were employed at your university, and I explained the situation, and they seemed confused and said I should contact them when our situation changes. Now I get periodic automated emails informing me my account has been inactive for awhile. The whole thing is a nice occasional reminder of our plan to spend 2018 in New City.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Oh hooray! It’s supposed to be the best one in town, and there should be a way to get you on the “priority” line given an affiliation with the university… probably a letter from the admin in the math/stats department would do it. It is early yet though.


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