in brief

  1. I told my Chair, and my conference co-chair, and my one student that I’m pregnant. Everyone is very pleased and not worried. My co-chair worried a bit once it all sunk in, but we hashed out some specifics (front loading the conference work in the Fall, how to rearrange microbiology teaching in my absence, whether his grad students will mentor my fourth years. A highly efficient conversation.).
  2. Pea and I have decided to call my uterine passenger “Spud” during his or her development. This is after long lists of hilarious options, including Gizmo*, Plum, Pea**, Sprout, “zeee baybaaaayyy” in an exaggerated french accent, and Pip***.  So. Welcome to the blog, Spud.
  3. I should be writing a grant but my co-chair gave me a cookie and now I’m all buzzy and distracted.


* Me: I’m not nicknaming it after a gremlin.
Pea: Not a gremlin, the thing they are before they are gremlins.. what’s that called?
Me: I don’t care. We’re not naming it after a gremlin.

** Me: we can’t call it Pea, YOU are Pea.
Pea: No, I’m Bean (what my family calls him).
Me: Yes, but on my blog you are Pea.
Pea: I’m on your blog?!
Me: You are the most popular part of my blog. Unsurprisingly. smooch

*** Prior to arrival of Turia’s P., whose nickname is much too close.


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