bump update!

How far along? Fourteen weeks.

Vital stats? +3.2 lbs, steady from last week but now with improved bowel function, so probably a legit number.

Sleep: Allergic and disrupted this weekend, at the cottage. As a result, I can’t quite tell yet if I’ve caught a plane cold or if I’m just still super gooey from allergies/pregnancy-nose. I need more sleep, is the upshot.

How am I feeling physically? Right now, tired, but in general, I’m in good shape. LOTS of uterus stretchy cramps this weekend, which have calmed down again, but now my pants really don’t fit. I’m not really showing, per se, but I’m not my normal shape either. I wore maternity pants to work for the first time today, and they also don’t fit (yet). So I’m in a pant no-mans-land at the moment. Pea suggested I buy new pants for these two weeks, or just keep growing Spud. I’ve opted for the latter.

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m grumpy, and feeling overwhelmed. I’ve carved out specific chunks of time to get certain things done, and they keep getting away from me. I did have a very productive three hours of running all over New City in a car-share* picking up random items needed for my field work on Thursday, but then after dinner tried to finish a grant I’m co-writing with a colleague only to realize there are about 4 sections neither of us has touched (and it is due tomorrow night if we’re submitting this round… which, frankly, I doubt we are). Also, I am not a fan of how differently people treat me the minute they know I am pregnant. If I was ok standing up ten seconds ago, I’m ok standing up now. Oh how I hate being coddled. And also I’m not actually excited about pregnancy as a process, so I find some of the conversations weird – or at least am almost certainly weirding out the other person. (excited about actual baby – yes. excited about growing said baby inside me? no.)

 Best moment? Telling the rest of Pea’s family and their delight. The one 30-minute stretch of sun we had at the beach all weekend, with a brief (cold!) venture into the ocean**. Salt water and sun can do a lot for an over-revved brain pan.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly, now in the thigh because my stomach is one giant purple bruise***. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening to ward off blood-thinner related osteoporosis.

What I miss? Not too much. I bought some non-alcoholic beer for the weekend and it was fantastic. My skin is less of a mess, though still a distinctly different animal. I’d like some clear nasal passages, if I’m given a boon.

What I’m looking forward to? I’m honestly just trying to get through this week. A trip to Capital City this weekend makes the whole thing seem much more busy than it really is, but this is also the third four-day week in a row for me, and continuously trying to get 5-6 days of work into 4 is starting to wear me down.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? Not a lot! I ate a lot?

Milestones? According to the “manly” baby size tracker, Spud is the size of an 8 oz filet mignon. Which seems giant all of a sudden. Other size guesstimates include a nectarine and a clenched fist. Big, right? Maybe it is reasonable my pants don’t fit.


* I took a bus from work to the car share lot, and then an uber home, because there is only one car share lot in my city, and it is not very near anything. We need to buy a car so very badly, and it has just been too overwhelming to contemplate another major decision/lifestyle shift/expenditure. Next weekend, not this coming one, we are buying a car. No jokes.

** I was totally ok in the ocean, and then there was one pretty big wave and I got seriously scared and went back to shore. Which is new, but which is also more the reaction I was expecting from the ocean in general, given my dad’s accident. I was pleased to find out I’m still ok with oceans – shorelines are one of my favorite things, and I was worried I had lost that. It seems it is just waves higher than my head that will trigger a new phobia, so that’s reasonable.

*** I’d previously not been bruising all that much, a minor spot here and there, but then last week there was a four day stretch where each injection resulted in a plum-sized and plum-coloured bruise. Perfect for beachwear, let me tell you. Also, not acceptable, so I’ve moved to thighs with very few bruises to show for it.

4 thoughts on “bump update!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      It IS weird. I keep thinking I’m supposed to be suffused with joy about finally getting to this point, but I’m mostly cranky. I’m happy, obviously, but also tired and snotty. I’m becoming ok with my ambivalence – I can see becoming ambivalent about it quite soon.

  1. rainbowgoblin

    I was hoping your allergies would be toned down in pregnancy. My eczema went away completely in pregnancy, and I stopped being very sensitive to New Zealand mosquitoes (normally they give me a huge blistery rash that lasts for days). You can get these belly bands to wear over open pants when you aren’t quite ready for maternity wear. They didn’t really work for me, so I wore sarongs, which drove Erin crazy.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      My allergies are worse!! Plus my nose is constantly stuffed, so even when I’m somewhere hepa filtered I’m still sneezing. It is not that much fun.
      I have given up and am wearing mat pants. They are so much more comfortable!


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