This might be a long conversation with Pea

making dinner, after my first fieldwork day with my lab.

Me: Callie was great. She’s my contact at the site. What do you think the name Callie is short for? IS it short for something? Calliope? Who names their kid Calliope these days?

Pea: It is short for Callipdidip.

Me: I do not think it is short for Callipdidip. Pea opens mouth with specific excited look on his face. We are not naming the baby Callipdidip. Pea looks disgruntled. The obvious nickname is Dip! How could we do that?

Pea: No the nickname would be Callie. We can name the baby Calloopdidoop. Then it would be clear.

Me: … ok. Chops more veggies. What kinds of names do you like?

Pea: Ismerelda Wigglesworth!!


In truth, what will likely happen is that Pea will suggest nine hundred completely ridiculous names and one perfect one. It’s how he rolls.

One thought on “This might be a long conversation with Pea

  1. Turia

    This was pretty much how it went with Q. He vetoed EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of my suggestions, made silly, ridiculous suggestions when pressed, and then eventually came up with both names that we used.

    I’m not going to say it didn’t drive me crazy though!


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