as much as I can

is still not enough, these days.

A whirlwind weekend in Capital City, which didn’t go at all as planned. I’d hoped for some long conversations with my dad, a chance to go for a walk with him (as he’s allowed out of the hospital now), and perhaps a chance to catch up on sleep after the stress of last week’s field work escapades.

Instead, a busy Saturday with a long visit from my aunt, cousin, and grandfather*. My step-father admitted to emerg** just downstairs from the ICU in the evening and a late night visiting with him until he was found a bed. A Sunday of bouncing between rooms in the hospital, spending an hour here, an hour there. No walk with my dad, but tea with my mom.

I left exhausted and unsatisfied. I don’t know what I wanted, really, but no one was in as good shape as I was hoping, either physically (step-mom, step-father) or emotionally (father (frustrated), mother (angry and sad)), and it was a very short visit.

I got back to find my shipment of filters from a good friend in Ohio is stuck at the border – the filters being sent on wings of goodwill to help save my field work sampling campaign. I need them by Wednesday early morning, and they are sitting in a maritime customs office, despite me spending my morning throwing paperwork at the problem.

Add to it all that I am tired and cranky, and possibly getting sick. My reserves are low and my whine-o-meter is high.


* lovely to see them, and it is so nice of them to come visit every two weeks as a long day trip, but I was hoping for some quality time with my dad, and have overlapped with their visits more often than not.
** failing kidney, the one that was damaged by his tumor. Potentially on the mend/saved as of this morning with a successful stent insertion.


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