bump update part the next

How far along? Fifteen weeks, 2 days.

Vital stats? +4.2 lbs, up one from last week.

Sleep: Still spotty, but now because I’m waking up an hour or so before my alarm for no good reason. Stress, I think, or maybe the light has shifted and is triggering my wake up? I’m not sure, but I’m definitely more generally tired this week than last.

How am I feeling physically? Not too bad. I am ridiculously sore from field work yesterday – this kid has been LAX about fitness, wow. I’ve not been walking home, and I’ve skipped two weeks of yoga, in part because I’ve been running around all day and getting my 10,000 steps +, and in part because it has been really hot, and I’m always dressed for the brisk arctic air in my office and lab. Long pants and thick sweaters are not conducive to a 40 min walk home in 30+ degree heat (Celsius, 90s for you ‘murricans).  I’m permanently in maternity pants now, they are just so much more comfortable, but I do spend a lot of time hiking them up.

How am I feeling emotionally? Still grumpy and overwhelmed, though about new things now. Fieldwork was a general success – no one was injured, we sampled all six sites in one day, and we need to extract DNA from the samples to see how we actually did. It is a weight off my mind, and going back for more samples if needed is much easier to envision now that we’ve done it once.  I’m grumpy because I’m tired, and because my family is still falling apart, and I’m still not there helping. I’m blocking the week my younger sister will not be in Capital City in August to potentially be there, and will see how events unfold.

 Best moment? A date night with Pea, seeing the new Star Trek movie in an advance showing, eating too much popcorn (care of Golden Company who set up the event). Field work going smoothly.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly, still in the thighs. I am a bruise monster. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening.

What I miss? Not needing 45 tissues to get through the day. My nasal passages are a constant stream, stuffed up, or drippy. I’m not excited if this sticks around for the next five months, as I feel border-line sick all the time, and it’s not helping me sleep.

What I’m looking forward to? A family reunion next-next weekend. A quieter weekend in New City this weekend, after several in a row traveling or with visitors. A poker night on Friday. Maybe feeling Spud skittering about in the next weeks (I am impatient and anxious).

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I wore a face mask at my sampling site (which has many odors, some of which are putatively harmful). I did not handle the liquid we were sampling, instead letting my students do it (with appropriate personal protective equipment on at all times). I have upped my liquid intake a bit, which has helped with nagging headaches a lot.

Milestones? I am honestly showing now, but possibly still only to those who know me well. A picture of me this morning, at 15 weeks, 2 days:


I feel the bodily changes are masked slightly by the fact that my boobs are 3x bigger than they were, which makes the belly seem less pronounced. The view looking down from my vantage is decidedly different.


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