Some sweetness and light

After an intensely lazy Saturday watching Olympics with Pea, ordering in burritos, and going to bed after a very satisfying final event for Canada (bronze, hooray!), I am feeling more like myself. I spent this morning working – sent edits on a grant to a colleague, read the (hilariously off-topic) paper a volunteer has chosen to present at lab meeting tomorrow, wrote my section of a grant in prep, and booked a hotel to stay next week in my hometown, as the next wave of support. Yesterday I made the slides for my talk on Friday, on the academic job hunt and life in academia, so that is sorted too.

I have four work days and an afternoon on a train this week to get some stuff done, but I have clear priorities and a clearer head than last week and think I’ll be able to be in good shape to take the next shift as support for my mother.

So with all that, and with how dark my blog has been the past month (or six), here are the onesies I have made for loved ones since moving to New City.

For Turia’s P., so she’d have some new (and terribly geeky) things of her own.


Let me tell you, adapting Latin phrases for people who are fluent in Latin is not confidence-inducing. It might be wrong, but it is funny (“I poop therefore I am”).

For a good friend’s second – purposefully 6 month-sized, as they have truly gigantic babies (and, ta da!, their little one was in these at 2 months). He works in virology and microbiology in general, and was an office mate for my years in Hilly Quirky.




with bonus butt CRISPR array, as he works directly on this most-hyped but also most-interesting bacterial feature

Happy Sunday, all.


2 thoughts on “Some sweetness and light

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Pea asked if I’d make some for Spud or not.. I dunno – it’s more fun coming up with themes for other people. I might get crafty if I end up in a nesting stage though.


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