bump update, part the next

How far along? Eighteen weeks, 1 day.

Vital stats? +7.1 lbs, up 1.3 from last week.

Sleep: Not bad, aside from a resurgence of weird vivid nightmares the past few days. Generally I have gotten back to sleep after. I’m a bit sleepy today but that is because I keep staying up late to watch Olympics*.

How am I feeling physically? Good. Realizing I’m getting pretty out of shape, after having to catch my breath going up more than one flight of stairs.

How am I feeling emotionally? Better than last week, with some serious productivity this week, some fantastic research results on Friday, and having had a hard but honest conversation with my one set of parents about how I can’t help them right now, or in the fall. They are adults, and yes, me not being around will likely make their lives a little bit worse, but just knowing that I’d addressed their expectations (though largely unspoken), makes me feel like I can move forward. I leave Friday for a week in my hometown to support my mother as she supports my dying step-father, so I imagine it will be a hard week, but I am happy to be going – it’s the last stretch I’ll be able to dedicate to any of my parents before teaching in the fall and then the arrival of Spud.

 Best moment? A lazy Saturday snuggled up with Pea.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening.

What I miss? Working out. My complexion. My favorite pair of jeans. A glass of wine**. I looked up “pregnancy rhinitis” and learned it generally persists throughout the pregnancy once it appears, so I think I will be a snot-ball for the next five months, so I might as well stop missing my clear nasal passages now.

What I’m looking forward to? A day in the lab with my army of volunteers tomorrow, processing samples (as a break from grant writing and frantic research for the conference). More Olympics. Taking the train to my hometown (I love the train).

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I went for my second blood and urine tests for the IPS screen. I booked an anatomy ultrasound (Friday the 19th!). I packed up my pants and other too-small clothing and finally organized and put away the maternity clothes Turia had given me. Almost everything fits, which is amazing. I also nagged Pea a bit about getting his license, because Ontario is SO SLOW about licensing and as it stands, Spud will be 3-4 months old before Pea could drive independently or even just on highways if he went today. Pea does not want to get his license, but acknowledges it as a necessity, and knows he is dragging his feet. So I gently mentioned it, and he got grumpy, and I consider that progress***.

Milestones? Into month 5! Apparently this week Spud is the size of a tall Sbux frappachino with whipped cream, which seems ridiculously big for my still-possibly-just-getting-chubby bump.


* Why the swimming is taking place at 10:30 pm is beyond me (and most others if the commentators are a good sample). Oh Rio.

** I know I could have a glass of wine now, but… it just doesn’t seem worth it. There may come a moment when the sacrifice I’m making seems bigger than the miniscule risk to Spud, but so far it’s just not that big a deal to me, so I’m continuing to abstain.

*** Pea is only ever really grumpy when he knows he’s in the wrong

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