In brief, in the rain

Bullet points of life.

  • It is raining out, a steady solid rain. My area of the world needs this badly, but this same storm caused flooding in the South, flooding out a friend and some acquaintances. I think they are still displaced, while this storm has moved many miles north to gently nourish our crops. Weather is such a weird phenomenon.
  • It is perhaps cruel to be a pregnant person in the midst of the “eat all the things” stage while providing support to someone who is, essentially, slowly starving to death. It takes a long time to starve to death, we are learning, and it is a terrible process of gradual weakness and episodes of pain. To be hanging out watching Olympics with someone who needs to eat a small (or giant) meal every hour cannot be helping.
  • Spud has made his/her presence felt from the outside – only once so far, a barrel-roll against my side while I was hunched up typing a text to Pea in the hotel, but distinct and definite. Once I’m back in New City, hopefully Pea will get a bonk or two.
  • I have a talk next Friday. I start teaching in 3.2 weeks. I meant to have this research paper written by now, and just glean the talk from it. I meant to have the first six weeks of lectures prepped and adapted to my style by now. I have none of these things done, not even partially. I’ll get the talk done. I’ll prep lectures. I will write the paper later. I will pay for this later. Later will be a more reasonable time to pay for something, or that is the bet I am making.
  • Our anatomy scan is on Friday. I am traveling back to New City for it, and then will about-face and come back all the way again for a conference in the city next to my hometown. It is a lot of travel. It is the only way. It is fine. It is fine until the scan shows anything strange, and then I really don’t know how much more worry I can really hold. My solution has been to just not worry about it yet – save that for a time when it is useful.

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