in brief, and fragmented, as so many of my days seem to be.

  • I am sitting on a couch in the hallway of my conference, during a poster session. I would normally be cramming as much science as possible into my brain, but do not have the bandwidth – too many short or disrupted nights lately, and a fatigued body and mind. I am learning to rest, as my uterus starts to shift my balance forward.
  • I was in my hometown briefly yesterday, the off day for the conference. Brief, but an essential cog, keeping my mother company once my younger sister had left, and getting my step-sister from the airport for the next shift. I spent the night, and then came back to a world of microbes and networking. It is slightly jarring.
  • my step-father is transitioning into a final stage, along with the delirium of dehydration. I kissed him goodbye and told him I was heading back to the conference. His last words to me were “So you are not going to support me in this? I’m disappointed. Now how will I get to Saskatchewan?”. I am very glad for that last sentence, or that would have been tough to hold as a farewell. Instead, I wished him well on his trip and he nodded.
  • One of my students emailed me a lengthy update capped by an aggressive demand for advice, in all caps and bold. I waited two days to respond because that is not how adults behave when they know someone is at a busy event. I will follow up about email etiquette, but it was an interesting preview into what my colleagues complain about regarding student entitlement.
  • I have a burgeoning cold and ache all over. My talk is tomorrow, which is pretty much par for the course with my immune system’s sense of humour.
  • I want many things, not least to be home curled up against Pea. Tomorrow.

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