bump update, overdue

How far along? Twenty-two weeks, 2 days.

Vital stats? +14 lbs, up 2.3 from two weeks ago. I’ve just decided not to worry about this, this seems steady and reasonable despite being a slightly higher rate than recommended.

Sleep: I slept through the night without coughing for the first time two nights ago. Sleep has been very disrupted with a crazy head cold*. I’ve been getting enough sleep, but it’s been in 2-3 hour bursts between coughing fits for a week now. I feel like I could sleep for a week, but I’m waking up minutes before my alarm worrying about teaching. I’m hopeful to catch up a bit this weekend, once the first class is under my belt and I’ve gotten my head above water at work a bit more.

How am I feeling physically? Out of shape! Again, my brain has been elsewhere for ages, but now that I’m gearing up for the new semester and thinking seriously about the fact that I only have four months left in this growing-a-human adventure, I’m going to try really hard to up the activity level a little. Walking home. Maybe swimming (there is a pool on the walk home). Yoga. None of these things are happening right now, so I’m going to ease into them, but with determination.

How am I feeling emotionally? I need to call the new service for mental health counseling on campus and find a counsellor because I think that was good self-care**. I am feeling ok as of today. This past week and a half was very hard, between my step-father’s funeral and travel and a truly extravagant head cold, I just felt like everything was too much to manage. I ignored many things, leaving myself with a large pile of deadlines and to dos that I’ve been chipping away at this week. I am less angry, but more sad. I am still very tired and overwhelmed. I would like a chance to catch my breath, and I really think I actually can now. Yes, I’m teaching. Yes, a grad student has started in my lab. Yes, my lab remains mostly nonfunctional. BUT. These are all things I can handle, and probably get some other stuff done too. That would be a good feeling.

 Best moment? I carried my niece P. around in a carrier for one of her naps while in my hometown, and Spud kicked her in the butt. Cousins, fighting already.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening.

What I miss? My slim shape – I am fine with the pregnant body, and I know this is part and parcel of the deal. However, two people this week commented that they thought “I was just getting fat”, when I’ve been a little proud of my burgeoning belly. So now I think I look, to the outsider, like an awkwardly-proportioned chubby person, which is pretty annoying. I am sure this will change, and fast, but still. That is what I miss right now.


A bump pic, from the train enroute back to New City, at 22 weeks. It is not
unreasonable that people just think I’ve got a bit of a pot belly, but still.

What I’m looking forward to? A weekend at home and a chance to sleep in. A chance to focus on Pea a little. Getting some deadlines dealt with this week and next so I have clearer sailing for September and can get back to research. It has not escaped me that week after week I have been looking forward to rest, and a chance to catch up. Such is life for this kid in 2016.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? Pea and I signed up for prenatal classes! My mother bought Spud a super-cute fuzzy sleeper, so we now have clothes for the baby***. I made more mental resolutions to get fitter before trying to birth a child. We talked vaguely about buying a crib and change table (maybe this weekend, but probably a car first). Pea started reading the driver’s handbook in prep for his test to get a learner’s permit.
Pea: reads first chapter and a half. This is too hard. We should just get a horse.
Me: A horse? How would we carry luggage and things?
Pea: We would get a pack mule too! It would be great.
Me: I have a very hard time seeing how this would be easier than you learning to drive.
Pea: I’m pretty sure it would be.

Milestones? I am in month six!  Which is scary but good. Spud gets stronger daily, it seems, and can sometimes be seen from the outside rather than just felt. We are into the critical weeks for viability, which is amazing. Obviously I want a fully baked Spud, and really really do not want an extreme preemie, but that we are now inching into the realm where Spud could survive on the outside is very reassuring (currently 0-10% chance, according to this chart, so clearly we are not anywhere near a safe zone).


*head colds and funerals being the reasons week 21 was skipped in these updates. Also, I need to take better care of myself if a head cold that started to develop on August 25th took until September 7th to clear. 14 days! Good gracious.

** The saga of Innovation U’s counseling upgrade is another post entirely, but suffice to say in “improving our services”, they left everyone seeing a counsellor with both (1) two weeks without access to anyone and (2) a requirement to find a new counsellor through a new system, none of whom are available on campus. This was poorly done, in my opinion.

*** probably we will need more than one sleeper, I know.


4 thoughts on “bump update, overdue

  1. Turia

    Oh I love Pea so much. He makes me laugh every time.

    I will love Spud no matter what, but I am secretly hoping she is a girl so she and P. can be basically sisters, although P. will probably be jealous that Spud will inevitably be taller.

    I am totally counting down to viability for you and cannot wait for you to hit 24 weeks. I feel like that was a big mental jump for me with E. and helped a lot with anxiety (also made me want to get a whole lot more organized).

    A lot of people don’t use change tables but just buy a nice dresser with a wide enough top at the right height to put the change pad on. It’s something to consider if you don’t find a change table used (do not buy a new one!). I think we would have done that but a friend gave us the change table, so we made that work.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Spud might be reeeeaaally tall. We’ll have to see. I’m still thinking boy, but have zero actual evidence for that and have been less confident lately. Either way they will be close cousins indeed and that makes me so happy!
      We’ve got a dresser but it’s very tall, so not good to act as a 2-in-1. We’ll find a used change table on kijiji or there is a store here – nothing new unless it really merits it!


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