bump update, part the next

How far along? Twenty-three weeks, 2 days.

Vital stats? +12.7 lbs, down 1.3 from last week. Whoops – a direct result of (1) me being sick and having little to no appetite for most of the week prior, (2) returning to campus, starting teaching, and generally being a lot more active despite being sick, and (3) a renewal of my digestive tract’s willingness to do its job.

the-backupToday for lunch I ordered a full size salad and a side poutine, and was given a full size poutine and side salad, and I am not sad at all.

Sleep: Nightmares earlier in the week have calmed down, which is a relief. I’m using a pillow between my knees, as I was getting sore through the hips in the mornings, and last night couldn’t get comfortable until I wedged a towel under my belly for support.  I usually lose the pillow in the night, so need a better system eventually.

How am I feeling physically? A bit better than last week – I’ve walked home from work twice so far this week, and am feeling a bit more centered for the upped activity in my days with teaching and walking around campus. I need to find a yoga studio that has classes at a time that works better for my schedule – I love my studio but they are hard to get to and have limited times available. My back and hips are getting more sore, and I can feel the effects of relaxin on my joints – mainly my ankles which are my weakest link at any time. Pea and my throats are still sore but possibly healing – I’m still thinking it could be mono but we don’t seem tired enough.

How am I feeling emotionally? Better. I submitted a fellowship application. I have taught three lectures (six, since it is two sections, back to back) and it is going well. I’ve got the rest of today to work on a grant application and order some lab supplies. My students have all met with me and are making appropriate progress. Pea and I agreed not to travel until Canadian Thanksgiving, which gives us a solid stretch at home/near the Big Smoke to visit with people we’ve been neglecting, and to just generally relax a bit. I made an appointment through the new mental health care option at Innovation U – a phone session next week.

 Best moment? Nothing stands out, but there have been daily conversations with a very silly Pea, a quiet weekend of work and brunch and laundry, the temperature dropping to real Fall levels (my favorite) – it’s been a good week overall.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening.

What I miss? Friends, family, all the people I would normally see much more often than I have been – I have friends an hour away that I was skyping with monthly when in Hilly Quirky but whom I have not seen in six months despite being close. I had the emotional and mental bandwidth this week to reach out to a few good friends, to start setting up some social engagements. A dinner this weekend. A board game night in New City with some newer friends on Monday. A visit to see a few different groups of people in the Big Smoke two weeks from now.

What I’m looking forward to? Dinner with friends this weekend. More sleep, still. Picking up the car tonight (see next).

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? We bought a car! This is contributing to my emotional equanimity, as this will make everything easier. New City is only somewhat workable without a car, and I’ve been doing this for nine months now. The car is used. It is about 2x larger than I would have bought on my own, but will fit our long legs, a convertible car seat, and all the various things Pea feels we will be hauling routinely (Pea: “Now we can get more rain barrels whenever we need them!”) This has been the largest outstanding “to do” for us for months, so it is nice to have it done. We pick it up tonight.

Milestones? Nothing much this week, but every week with Spud kicking me in the bladder is another good week for this pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “bump update, part the next

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Oh yoga at home is a great idea!! Thanks! I have been really struggling to make one of the available classes fit. I’d still like to go occasionally to meet some soon-to-be moms, but home yoga would really help with just getting some exercise in general.


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