Conversations with Pea, part the adorable

Pea: We don’t have a way to play music upstairs.
Me: Oh, that’s true. I hadn’t really noticed. No music while we make dinner.  Huh. We can get a stereo or something for the kitchen.
Pea: Spud never hears any music. When you listen to music you have headphones on.
Me: When I have headphones on, I’m listening to podcasts or lectures. Spud would be bored.
Pea: We should play Spud some music.
Me: You could sing?
Pea: massively out of tune* Row Row Row your boat! Gently down the stream!
Spud: PONK     Me: giggles helplessly
Pea: worse tuning Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb!
Spud: PONK     Me: giggles helplessly

Me: Spud’s ponking about if you want to feel.
Pea: puts hand on my stomach. taps lightly on one side.
Spud: ponk!
Pea: taps lightly
Spud: ponk!
Me: whatcha doing?
Pea: We’re chatting!

Pea: tone of joy You are getting fat!
Me: grumpy face
Pea: Nice work!

Me: I am slower than google maps now.
Pea: ?
Me: When I map something, google maps says it will take x minutes, and usually I’m faster than that. Now I’m a solid minute slower for every ten!
Pea: laughing Because you are fat!
Me: I’m not even waddling yet! That is still to come.
Pea: Yah! It will be great when you are waddling.

Pea is ridiculously excited about Spud these days. He’s been super silly for a week now because we’ve had time to reconnect and just be, and Pea flourishes in situations where he can potter about a lot.


* Pea has almost zero singing ability. Mostly he sounds like a muppet. An out of tune muppet. I thought he was doing the muppet voice thing on purpose for the first three years we dated, but eventually realized that’s just his singing voice.  I can hold a tune. Yet another trait to test!



2 thoughts on “Conversations with Pea, part the adorable

  1. Turia

    I never get tired of hearing what Pea has to say. And I remember when I was slower than Google Maps too- it gets even more embarrassing when you feel like you are really booting it somewhere and then you realize every one else is passing you (including little old ladies).


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