bump update, part the next

How far along? Twenty-four weeks, 2 days.

Vital stats? +12.7 lbs, if taken exactly at 24 weeks (+0 after the loss last week), or +14.7 if taken this morning (+2 from last week, +0.7 overall from last-highest count). I’ll keep an eye next week, but this week I’ve been eating pretty normally and feel fine, and Spud is getting stronger, so if my weight plateaus a bit, that’s ok.

Sleep: 50:50, which is sadly an improvement. I have a good solid night, and then I wake up at 6 am or earlier the next day, or sleep is very disrupted, or both. I don’t feel too tired, but today I am definitely feeling fuzzy-headed.

How am I feeling physically? I really do think I have mono. What else gives you a wretchedly sore throat for three straight weeks? I went to a clinic, and the doc confirmed it’s viral, so there’s nothing to be done. I’m not super tired, but I wonder if this is exacerbating my sleep issues. The sore throat, when in full flare-up, definitely makes sleeping difficult. I’m trying to rest my voice but teaching is not conducive to that at all.

Otherwise, I’m feeling very pregnant this week. I am a bit more ponderous, slower, and my stomach has been having stretchy-pains in the evenings. I’ve also popped a bit, so the stretching is not phantom. I was offered a seat on a bus for the first time (and took it).


I skyped with a good friend in Hilly Quirky last night and she spent at least 10 minutes marveling at the size of my boobs. They are still obscuring the belly a bit with their boisterousness.

How am I feeling emotionally? Generally good. I’m making progress on my lab (and realizing how much I really did shove to a back-burner this summer, e.g., everything). I had a counseling appointment over the phone with the new service – I didn’t like the person I was talking to very much, so may reach out for an in-person option instead as I think that would be easier. She did recommend a new book to read (Mindsight by Dan Siegel), so I will check that out. Teaching is going well, and I’m feeling more comfortable about it.

 Best moment? I was reading my kindle and got a text message, so rested the kindle on my stomach to pick up my phone. Spud kicked it off me!  Definitely getting stronger.
We used our new-to-us car to go have a lovely dinner with one of my closest friends who lives about an hour away. It turns out she is also learning to drive this year – she and Pea were commiserating. It was so good to see her!

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, vitamin D and calcium in the evening. This category is not going to change now, so I’m going to omit it from further updates until such time as something new happens.

What I miss? Sushi! One set of parents-in-law is coming to visit in October, and, if true to form, will turn up the first night bearing a sushi dinner*.
My sex drive, which, true story, does not exist. With the low-lying placenta, this is not so much an issue since most fun is off the table, but poor Pea. Between my travel, grief, on-going possibly-mono illness, and the no-sex restrictions, intimacy has rated PG13 or G in our house for a while now.

What I’m looking forward to? Turning this renewed productivity into some results in my lab. Buying some things for the nursery. Continuing to feel like I’m making upward progress in general.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? Not much, except I go for my glucose tolerance test today, so that’s something, I guess. On the list for next week is to take seriously that we really might have a baby in the house and probably need some things for that eventuality.

Milestones? Apparently this week my uterus has moved above my belly button, and Spud is the length of an ear of corn (or a philly cheese steak or a package or oreos). Also I think this week is technically viability, but really only barely.


* In Hilly Quirky this was always cooked whole crabs, which I loathe, but which is Pea’s dad’s very favorite food and really hard to get/expensive outside of Hilly Quirky and environs. Their favorite sushi chef is located off the highway between their house and New City, so they plan to stop in. Pea’s dad did ask if I can eat sushi, and has promised to get some cooked eel for me. I put in a bid for some veggie maki too, but as he doesn’t really consider that food, I’ll make sure to have something else on hand. I genuinely do not mind this oddity of theirs, because Pea’s dad takes food quite seriously and is so delighted when he can have these treats and share them with us (and usually very disappointed that I’m not interested). It did throw me off the first time or two before I realized they were always going to arrive with a meal that needed eating, but now we build it into the plan, and will be caught out if they arrive without!

4 thoughts on “bump update, part the next

  1. Turia

    VIABILITY! Woot! I mean, obviously I do NOT want to meet Spud yet, but the odds get better and better every week from here on in. I am so happy/relieved.

  2. rainbowgoblin

    Sex drive: might come back with a vengeance 3rd trimester? Hormones are weird. The meds: it occurred to me that after Spud is born you’ll probably be nearly meds-free (except vitamins, probably, and if your milk supply is crazy, I highly recommend lecithin), which will be a sort of novel thing for you! And yeah, wow, you’ve popped. I meant to reply to the post where you were a bit annoyed with not being obviously pregnant. When my sister in law was pregnant I made some comment about how, since she’s thin and athletic, at least she didn’t have to be anxious to look pregnant so people didn’t just think she was getting fat… She said she was actually really self-conscious about that, lots of people had made comments like “I had no idea you were pregnant, I thought you’d just had a good weekend!” I feel like it’s almost as bad to tell a very pregnant woman you didn’t know she was pregnant as it is to add a not-pregnant woman when she’s due.

    But anyway, anyone who’s surprised when you say you’re pregnant now is just extremely unobservant… There’s no mistaking that belly!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I have to stay on the blood thinner for 6 weeks, but then yes! Drug free! Which will be very novel indeed. I’m getting pretty tired of needles.
      I think I hit a similar stage – proud of my little belly, but stuck in the social stigma around weight gain. I really did look like I was just gaining a freshman 15 for about 4 months, with bloat and then eventual true gain, before it started to obviously accumulate in a rounded belly. I was self-conscious about it, but also aware this was societal expectations weighing on me, and not my actual body image.


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