when the science all makes sense

I can view my lab results online, so of course I looked them up.

I passed my glucose tolerance test with no issues.

I am, however, anemic. Red blood cell, hemoglobin, hematocrit, all flagged as low. And not “0.1 below a wide reference range” low, but actually low. Not “baby is also likely anemic because girl where is your iron” low, but low.

Remember how I really want to be more active and just can’t handle it?  Remember how I’ve been sick for the last continuous month?  Remember how I just run out of steam all. the. time.?

Yah. That’s probably anemia.

Thankfully, treatable and common and not at dangerous levels and maybe now I can feel a bit more like myself!


I am, however, really annoyed. Because I was vegetarian for 22 years without ever being anemic, and I only started eating meat to try to have a baby, which seems to have really helped (see: embryos that aren’t shit quality), but now, NOW! I’m anemic.


4 thoughts on “when the science all makes sense

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Oh, yeah, you’re making blood cells for two, right? Not like “eating for two” but actually making blood cells for two humans (or at least for double the blood volume… I guess Spud isn’t actually requisitioning a full adult supply of hemoglobin). Really, really common. Pregnancy is hard on our bodies. I wasn’t anemic with Tommy, but was a bit anemic with Miso, because it turns out that getting pregnant again while still nursing means you don’t have time to recover from the iron depletion from the previous pregnancy… And pregnancy just does a number on your iron stores. And everything else.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I think the making blood for two is much closer than eating for two – your blood volume goes up by 1.5, plus the baby making blood cells too (all sourced by you!). I’ve got some red meat and spinach in stock now, and see my OB on Tuesday to see if supplements are the order of the day.


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