In brief:

  • Pea is away for three days at a work off-site, which means I have decided to work all day all the time. And eat more popcorn than is reasonable. It is the first time I have been alone in our house, and it turns out our house is not at all scary. Good!
  • Saturday was the first day my throat was not sore in three and a half weeks. It has remained not sore. It is still not something I am taking for granted, three days later, because that sore throat was very detrimental to my quality of life.
  • I ran a journal club today, the inaugural meeting. Now students take over presenting, but I said I’d bring the snacks. It is every other week, so that is six snack breaks for the rest of term. A colleague commented to another colleague, in my hearing “she’s going to burn out eventually”. My retort was “if buying cookies burns me out, I’m in trouble regardless”. I am annoyed by this comment. Journal club is my venture, and I want it to succeed. Students had already volunteered, not knowing snacks might be part of the purview. Students are objectively much poorer than I am. It is not hard to buy cookies.
  • I might burn out. I feel like I’m barely on top of everything, and research is happening in the little squeezed-in corners. Slowly. Research should be my priority. Thankfully my students are getting some stuff done, and my busyness does not seem to be slowing them down much.
  • I need to remember that grant writing counts towards my “research” productivity, even if it doesn’t feel like it. If I remember that, I’m doing ok. I need money to do the work I want to do, so the grant writing is an essential evil necessary first step.
  • Where, oh where, did September go?

3 thoughts on “bulletin

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Thank you for feeding the starving students! I feel that this is a serious responsibility that too many profs neglect.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Students CAN afford to buy cookies, but usually at the expense of something else, which is really not ideal. I’m not in that situation anymore, so I can be the baked-good provider!


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