bump update, part the next

How far along? Twenty-six weeks

Vital stats? +14.7 lbs. A slow gain still, more like a plateau, but my OB is not worried and I’m popping like a Pilsbury dough container, so I’m not worried either. BP was still 100/68 at my OB appointment, so it is up 2 points from 98 from the start of the pregnancy. I did pass my GD test. I am anemic. I am otherwise measuring perfectly and generally look like a textbook pregnancy at this point.

Sleep: Not bad this week, for once. I’m waking up on my back during the night, and am not sure if I’m waking up for random reasons and realizing I’m on my back, or if I’m waking up because I’m on my back and it’s uncomfortable. I do try to avoid it as a position, but there is only so much one can do.

How am I feeling physically? I might actually be healthy!  No sore throat, no cough, although I did have two days of a very runny nose this weekend which was likely allergies. I’m feeling ok, though I’m getting tired more easily again (not even third trimester yet!), and standing for long periods is less comfortable than it has been.

How am I feeling emotionally? Still good. I have moments daily of feeling very overwhelmed, but I’m getting better at focusing and getting things done. Being focused and dealing with deadlines first rather than doing things I’d prefer to do is why there wasn’t an update last week. There was, however, a completed grant application, so that’s progress. I still feel like I am faking it til I make it at work all day all the time, but can see that this will shift in time.

 Best moment? A dinner party with Pea and my mother and younger sister. Baby dance parties in response to sugar. Pea and Spud “chatting” through taps each evening. Spud hating (or loving?) the coffee grinder – a guaranteed freak out every time I’m setting up coffee for the morning for Pea or my mother.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Baby aspirin, 1 pill (81 g) nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, iron supplement at lunch, vitamin D and calcium in the evening. Of course this category changed the minute I said I’d ditch it.  Iron supplements!

What I miss? The summer weather, though I do really like fall.

What I’m looking forward to? Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend in Capital City with my dad and step-mom and Turia’s clan. This week – I have big work plans for this week.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I inherited a giant bin of baby clothes and a bassinette from Turia, as P. is done with them! I inherited two boxes of baby clothes from a friend, and two bags of baby clothes from another friend. We genuinely almost have a full wardrobe for the first ~3 months, though we will need to add some fleece and warmer options as these were mostly summer babies.  The bassinette means we have a place to put Spud! This seems important.
I did not manage to do any of the shopping I meant to regarding nursery furniture, but I did get a Hallowe’en costume and a coat extender that will fit my fall and winter coats with a belly.

Milestones? I had thought all week that this was the switch to the third tri, but it turns out that is 28 weeks, not 26. So now I don’t know what milestone we’re at. Spud is the size of a human skull, apparently (I use the manly/geeky/cravings baby sizer, so this week Spud is work gloves/”Poor Yorrick”/a 7-11 double gulp).


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