Bad luck bear

I got back into work after yesterday’s spate of phone calls and errands to replace IDs and other important aspects of my life following my wallet’s theft*. I’d tweeted about the incident, and my grad student had gone back to work that afternoon, so my colleagues mostly all knew what had happened.

At 10 am, the fire alarm went off in my building. As we were exiting, one colleague grinned at me and said “is this part of the rain cloud that is following you around? And we’re just collateral?”. I laughed, and said “maybe!”.

She continued: “You seriously have had terrible luck lately. You are like that Charlie Brown character, Pig Pen, with the cloud over him.”


Pig Pen, ala Charles Shultz. Note that this is not the most flattering of
comparisons, given it is a DIRT cloud surrounding him!!


Me: “Ummmmmm, I think he’s just grubby. I think there is a different cartoon with the rain cloud.”



And there is, A.A. Milne’s Eeyore, as envisioned by Disney.
Note, however, that Eeyore’s dark cloud is usually thought to mean depression rather than bad luck, and, despite my less-even-keel-than-normal state, I’m not quite at this level of funk.

A second colleague joked today that I should not come to our departmental seminar or “something was sure to catch on fire”.

I am, officially, a bad luck bear.

* this has been a mostly successful enterprise, with bank card, credit card, drivers license, health card, university ID card, and social insurance card all replaced or enroute and all stolen cards canceled. I can’t remember what else was in my wallet aside from some stamps, $160 USD, and a love note from Pea that I’d saved. He’ll write another at some point, and I’ll squirrel it away in my still-to-be-purchased replacement wallet.


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