a minier mini break

Pea and I struck off north on Saturday morning, after sleeping in a bit more than planned (rare and cherished for me these days, so a delightful adjustment to our day). We hiked for the day in a lovely wilderness preserve, staying away from the active hunting areas. We had a giant dinner at a pub in a 100 year old building overlooking a river. We stayed overnight in a B&B, despite being only about an hour from home, because we wanted a break and a change of scene. It was lovely!

I woke up feeling… off.  Dizzy, and with vertigo. I went pee and found the tiniest spot of blood imaginable. We had breakfast, and wandered off to a gorge nearby to do some more hiking, but after one brief trail I really wasn’t feeling any better. My hands were swollen again (as they were the day before). I was still dizzy, like I was wearing a slightly too-strong glasses prescription. No more spotting, but my OB had been firm – ANY blood, and off to L&D I was to go. Spud was ponking about merrily this whole time, so while we were concerned, we weren’t really worried.

So we drove back to New City, and grabbed my paperwork for the hospital, and wandered off to the hospital.  Three hours later, we were given the all clear.  Spud is fine. I am fine. All is well.

As facts – my blood pressure was 112/56, which is slightly high for me, as normal is 100/60, but which is not actually high. My cervix is good (3.7 cm). My placenta is now 7 cm away from my cervix, so is no longer low lying at all. Spud is head down, and looks great. I’m still a bit dizzy, but the OB at the hospital says this is relatively normal for my stage of pregnancy. Also, we went from clear sparkling skies yesterday to heavy thunderstorms today, so the pressure changes may have sent me off kilter slightly. I may also have overexerted hiking the day before: a gentle, 3 hour, flat hike of 8 km, which should have been a walk in the park (literally), but which is about 2x more activity than I have been getting. Hard to know, but I will take it a bit easy the next two days and see. I see my OB on Tuesday afternoon, so can follow up on this non-event then.

I am sad our break got cut a bit short, but if yesterday’s hike was too much for me, today’s with inclines would certainly have been. Plus it was intermittently thunder-storming so we don’t feel we missed all that much. Pea was excellent about it, as usual. We both thought it was probably nothing but that there was no sense worrying about it. Added bonus is that now I don’t have to go to my ultrasound on Friday, which was in the way of Pea’s parents arriving and would have meant quite an early departure from work on Friday for me.

So all’s well that ends well.


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