seven years

Seven years ago yesterday, I threw a Hallowe’en bash with my roommates which was unexpectedly very well attended. Among the 100 people crowded into our apartment was a tall, quiet, quirky guy with his hair spiked out, carrying around a socket with a fork stuck in it. In a Hawaiian shirt, because there are never very many opportunities to wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Enter Pea into my life in a random happenstance, a quirk of timing. I cannot imagine my life were he not in it.


Pea has been in fine form lately. We spent Sunday afternoon at Babies R Us, which left us both pretty overwhelmed but more informed. Nuggets from the trip:

Me: Oh baby baths, we have that weird one from T. and also I think they can be more trouble than they are worth.
Pea: We have to bathe the baby too?! No, we can just leave it out in the rain.
Me: In January?
Pea: No, of course not. It will not need cleaning until June at least.

Me: How does this stroller fold?
Pea: struggling with different stroller Um, urgh, um, ah ha! stroller collapses onto ground in two pieces. Well, that makes no sense, the baby would fall right out.
Me: I think you are meant to take the baby out first.
Pea: deep sigh

Me: Ok, you should take the scanner away from me, I lost my mind over in the swaddling blankets.
Pea: We can make the baby a cape to go with its blanket! So we will need two at least.
Me: I bipped at least ten.
Pea: We can have capes too!

Lest you begin to think I’d be nuts to leave Pea alone with the baby at any point, let’s all remember that if anyone is going to drop the baby or forget the baby, it is substantially more likely to be me. Which is still not likely.

Pea has also embarked on a mission in which we cook a giant meal of something freezer-friendly each week, and then keep some to eat that week and freeze the rest – usually 4-6 dinners’ worth for the two of us. He bought a giant pile of big tupperware containers for this purpose, and seems bent on us having dinners prepared for the first two months of Spud’s life ex utero. I am not complaining, and also think it is adorable.


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