on timing

Three weeks ago
Pea: We should not rake our leaves. It is better for the lawn to rake in the spring!
Me: That is contrary to everything I have ever heard about leaf raking. We should rake our leaves.

Two weeks ago
Me: It is so weird, everyone on my street just shoves all their leaves into the street!
Colleague: No, that’s correct – the city picks them up with a big vacuum truck. Some areas it is weekly, some areas it’s only once. Otherwise you have to bag them and drive them to the organics depot yourself.
Me: Oh, that’s handy! relays information to Pea

One week ago
Me: So are we going to rake our leaves?
Pea: No, I think we should wait until spring! Also there are not that many.

Two days ago, windy
Every leaf everywhere falls on our lawn.

Yesterday, 4:30 pm
Pea: Our neighbour says leaf pick-up is this week for our street.
Me: Oh, really? looks it up Yep, Tuesday-Friday, they come by once.
Pea: We should rake our leaves today.
Me: Ok… do we have two rakes?
Pea: Yep! I’ve got the tarp all ready to haul them too.
Me internally: the sun sets in half an hour, but sure, yes, let’s go rake all our leaves…

Yesterday, 6 pm, full dark
Work colleague who lives in our neighbourhood, out jogging: Hey! Nice raking job. Wait, YOU shouldn’t be raking!
Me: I’m fine! And we’re just finished now.

Yesterday, 7 pm, over dinner
Me: Well, I’m glad we raked the leaves, but I think your timing was hilarious.
Pea: Yes, it is good we raked. You were very slow at raking though.
Me seven months pregnantglares.


In related news, I am SO SORE today, my goodness. Especially my hands. I was worried for a moment that they were swollen a la preeclampsia, but I’m pretty sure they are just sore from raking. I did later give Pea a sincerely hard time for calling me a slow raker.


6 thoughts on “on timing

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I was pretty annoyed to be called slow, but it has been a running joke that I am fat and slow at the moment… I just hadn’t actually thought I was raking slowly! And was SO tired after! ha ha

      1. Jenny F. Scientist

        I mean, it’s not like you’ve got less lung capacity or anything, right?

        When Bug was born it was a full month before I could easily walk a mile again. (With Tatoe it was more like three days – I think I lost less blood because of the pitocin. Also there wasn’t that whole Bizarre Rare Complication thing going on.)

      2. labmonkeyftw Post author

        I’m so out of shape! Raking was actually really hard, so I was genuinely grumpy with the comment. It has been a long-running joke that I am fat and slow with this pregnancy though, so Pea gets a grain of salt with his comment.
        I am trying to mentally prepare for the fact that this lung-capacity/general lack of fitness will continue post-birth, because I realized I was naively expecting to pop back up to normal immediately.

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