this is why.

People ask me often why we wanted to come back to Canuckia.

The reasons are legion, some of which I’m willing to share with strangers, others less so.

One of the main ones, for me, was the two countries’ differing methods of handling weapon sales, and the differing attitudes around guns. I work on a university campus. University campuses are the sites, often, of gun violence and mass attacks. I did not want to establish a career somewhere where I felt it was “when” and not “if” an attack happened on my campus.

I’m waiting to hear from a good friend, and her husband who is also a friend, who are faculty at Buckeye U., which experienced an attack today. None dead, ten injured, one in critical condition. A knife, not a gun, but the principle is the same. [update: my friends are fine. 10 others are not]

When, not if.


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