on laziness

My students are an endless source of amusement, because right at the beginning of the term I decided entitlement was funny.  I’m so glad I did, or I’d be so annoyed right now.


“Is it possible to release a final exam breakdown so we know which units will be tested more heavily?”

“What percent of the exam will be from the pre-midterm material?”

“You said the course notes and lecture material were the primary information sources. Do I need to read the course notes?”

Translations: How little can I study for this exam that is worth 65% of my mark?

All the same student, three separate emails.


They suffer from the misunderstanding that because I am friendly, I must also be a push-over (that I am female and pregnant may not be helping dissuade this assumption). They are always quite shocked to realize I have no intention of providing this kind of information to them, even if they ask nicely (which they usually do not).

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