bump update, part the next

How far along? Thirty-four weeks and 2 days

Vital stats? +24 lbs, +1.7 lbs from last week after a mini-plateau. I am clearly going to gain more than 25 lbs this pregnancy. I will not likely gain more than 30. I feel ok about this. Interestingly, my OB’s office scale still has me up by more (+25.4 lbs) but has me DOWN weight from two weeks ago, whereas my home scale has me up a full 2 lbs in the same time. Vagaries of clothing and hydration, I think. Blood pressure was back down to 96/60, Spud’s heart rate was 134, no protein in urine, uterus measuring on track (35 cm, so maybe even a bit ahead now) at my appointment yesterday evening.

Sleep: Not awful, but still very heart-burn and rib-pain dictated. My OB suggested breaking out the Zantac*, and I may. Heartburn is currently the largest physical symptom I’m dealing with, and while I’m grumpy to take more meds, Zantac is safe and I’m hitting max Tums dosages most days now. I’ve been able to sleep until my alarm most of the time, and slept in quite considerably this weekend, so I’m feeling more caught up. Still have some fuzzy, blurry days though.

How am I feeling physically? Sore! I can’t walk fast, or I start getting Braxton-Hicks contractions. I can’t even really walk at a moderate pace without getting breathless, so I’m having to ramp it way down. I was achy and crampy on Tuesday, so went home a touch early and put my feet up for a while (after grocery shopping). I’m starting to swell up in the ankles and hands by the end of the day, and my one ankle has been actively sore since Friday, when I wore heels ill-advisedly to a holiday party. It is healing, but I was surprised that it was so angry. No more heels for this kid. Spud is getting stronger, so sometimes their pokes and stretches actively hurt. Five weeks to go, and I’m seeing that they will be harder and slower than I was guessing.

How am I feeling emotionally? Fuzzy headed but a bit more determined to get things accomplished than last week. Not particularly effective, regardless of this determination. I am very ready for my class to be over (last lecture tomorrow!), but I’m realizing I may not have three blissful weeks of research, as everything starts to shut down and my research students are all leaving earlier than I’d reckoned. I will do what I can! I still get weirdly weepy occasionally. New this week, Pea and I started watching West World last night, which I unexpectedly (and out of character) found very unsettling. I think I have a much lower capacity for negative/dark things right now, which is interesting but also annoying, because it’s also clearly a really good show and Pea wants to watch more of it.

Best moment? American Thanksgiving with a friend group I’ve been neglecting. Having a student come up after class to tell me they didn’t want me to have to wait to get the course evals back before I knew how great a teacher they thought I was (aw!). Having the money portion of that big stupid grant be approved this week (just in time for me to have a ton of added paperwork but no access to the money until after the new year prices have increased on the equipment I’m buying, sigh.).

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, iron supplement at lunch, vitamin D and calcium in the evening. Zantac?

What I miss? Beer! There was a Guinness ad on a video I was streaming, and it triggered a crazy craving for Guinness. Which I really like, and honestly, I might go get one for this weekend as it’s also full of iron and B-12 and fairly low alcohol. The scientist in me knows this is totally fine, but the anxious infertile in me is resisting. I don’t think it is a big deal either way, so will just see how I feel.

What I’m looking forward to? More holiday parties (my work one, one house warming, another holiday one). Visiting Capital City and my dad next next weekend. A poker night this weekend. Dinner out for Pea’s birthday tonight**.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? I bought a change table off Kijiji, which was great, and the mom I picked it up from is going to add me to the local mom email group. I have had to start to actively repress nesting instincts, which are in newly full flight. I’m freaking out that we don’t have some essential things, but Pea and I are starting to bring home preparatory things as we go – he bought some baby first aid things, and Vaseline when he was at the pharmacy. I picked up Gatorade and snacks for the hospital bag when I was grocery shopping. This weekend we’ll put in a big order for the items on our list that we didn’t get at the baby shower (change pad, diaper bag, crib mattress, high chair, carrier, etc.) using some of the gift cards from the shower, and I’ll sort out how to get a hold of the stroller my sister has arranged for us to borrow, and then we’ll be pretty set (I think? I mean, able to survive until we get what it turns out we actually need).

Milestones? I’m still apparently tiny, despite clicking into the final month of pregnancy next week. Pea is the only one who will good-naturedly call me fat.


* Hilariously, I wrote this as Xanax initially, but then checked it before hitting publish. Although anti-anxiety meds might also be useful, I will stick to treating heartburn at this point.

** And I am proposing! I know, I know, we’re already engaged, but when we left Hilly Quirky, I bought Pea a ring he’d fallen in love with for when we eventually get married. On two occasions in the past few months, he’s remarked that he’d like to wear the ring, so I’m going to ask him to do so as a symbol of our continued commitment and love. I get to wear a ring, it seems unfair that he does not. Plus it is a really nice ring, and it is just languishing in my pajama drawer.


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