bump update, part the next

How far along? Thirty-five weeks and 2 days

Vital stats? +23.9 lbs, -0.1 lbs from last week. More snacks needed. Also weight gain might slow down/stop from here on out (so my Baby Center weekly update tells me). But I woke up hungry at night a few times last week, so I think more snacks.

Sleep: I tried Zantac. It helps, but it does confirm for me that my main problem is rib pain, and that the rib pain is not actually heartburn or connected to heartburn. It is just rib pain, which isn’t really going away. I’ve been sleeping much better since the end of my course – not just longer without the early mornings, but also more restfully without the prospect of a two-hour performance early in the morning. I’m feeling well rested, and I’m not waking up beyond shifting to ease my ribs or to roll over awkwardly.

How am I feeling physically? Swelly and big, now. If I walk or stand too much during the day, my ankles and hands swell up (my hands are currently sausage-fingered because I gave my final exam this morning and walked 8,000 steps in answering questions in the gym (no exaggeration, I have a step counter). I am now on a bus as the first leg on the trip to Capital City and will be sitting for the rest of the day, so this should calm down. I am getting more Braxton hicks contractions, mostly in the evenings or if I’m dehydrated, or both. I’m trying to be better about steadily drinking water during my day and not just drinking 2 liters after getting home in the evening (my usual habit). No real contractions to date, and Spud is still wedged up high, and my mucous plug is still intact to my knowledge, so no signs that Spud is planning an early appearance (good!!). My appetite is still good, but my stomach is small – we’ve had to adjust the portions of things we’re making to accommodate that I’m not going to match what Pea is eating anymore. My belly button is now almost flat, with one sticky-outie bit – next week it might be a true outie, which will be so weird.

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m in another “weep at sappy commercials” week – something hormonal going on there for sure. I’ve been anxious and stressed this week, with leave looming, and my exam upcoming, and a grant due. Near the end of the week I hit a fatalistic stage of “some of this crap is just not going to get done and we will deal with it on the flip side.” With my exam over, my priority in the next two weeks is to make sure my grad student and undergrads are set for the next semester – woefully untrue right now, but I have much more open days for the next two weeks, so even if moving slower/thinking fuzzier, I should be ok to get them set up for my absence.

Best moment? Pea and I bought a Christmas tree on a whim, while picking up our coffee table and end table for our living room. Pea really wanted a giant tree, and I was gunning for something that would fit inside our car (which does not have a roof rack) – the spot only had too-big or relatively-small trees, so ours is about 5 feet tall – it could certainly have been taller, but I think it’s great! We decorated it last night before I left on this trip, and it is cheerful and filled to the brim with hand-made ornaments from my grandmother, mother, and aunt.

Medications: Lovenox, 40 mg sub-cutaneous injection nightly. Prenatal vitamin in the am, iron supplement at lunch, vitamin D and calcium in the evening. Zantac 150 mg at night if my heartburn has been bad during the day or has flared up at dinner (about 2-3 times a week).

What I miss? Putting on shoes is no longer comfortable, and both my shoes and my boots are slip-ons…

What I’m looking forward to? Now, being off work. I love my job, but I’m getting tired, and slow, and it has been a hellish year and I am burnt out. I need the next two weeks to make the following six months possible, so I’m not ready to be on leave, but I am so looking forward to a week off, with almost no plans, with Pea, before inducing Spud’s arrival. If Spud arrives early, so be it, but that quiet lull is my touchstone right now.

What have I done this week for the pregnancy? We sent out all our thank-you notes from the baby shower, which meant we also unpacked and put away all of the gifts. We put together the crib, which was this amazing “holy crap a baby is coming” moment for both of us… … and then three days later we realized we built the crib in the nursery, but we will need it in the bedroom first as Spud won’t be big enough to be in the nursery when they are too big for the bassinette. We have not yet checked if the crib will fit through doors/our narrow hallway to be moved. Ha.

We’re running out of ideas for freezer meals, having squirreled away chili, lasagna, shephard’s pie, soup, and a squash curry. Only two of those will be ok for me to eat if Spud reacts to milk/soy, so we might make a few more soups with home-made broth, etc. to have on hand in case my diet ends up restricted. We have about 20 dinners frozen right now, which I think is probably plenty (plus ~45 full-size samosas, which I’m counting as snacks/emergency hosting food).

I forgot to mention this a few weeks ago, but Pea got his learner’s permit at the end of November!! Which was a big step for him!! He brought it home unexpectedly as a surprise for me, having finished reading up for the test, but never mentioning to me that he was going to actually go take it.  I have yet to convince him to go drive around a parking lot with me, but that too shall come*.

Milestones? Nothing much official at 35 weeks, I don’t think. My boobs are lactating though, so that’s cool. Happened once a few weeks ago and then nothing for a bit, but now I can express colostrum from either breast, although most successfully in the shower. It is reassuring that they are gearing up for their new starring role, but also just the craziest thing. My boobs have always been a relatively inert part of me, this is quite the departure for them. Thankfully they are not yet enthusiastically leaking, it is only with coaxing that they will yield any liquid.


* I do not envy him learning to drive from his super-pregnant partner, especially as that partner is me and I’m maybe not who I would want to learn to drive from. Patience is not my strongest suit.


One thought on “bump update, part the next

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Hey, did you move the crib? Unless your room is gigantic and you can easily fit a crib in it, I say don’t. We had to move Miso out of his basinet very early (it was actually a Moses basket, which I think is smaller, but he was also just BIG… still is, actually), and there was actually no way to fit a crib in our room unless we took our bed out, so we used a travel crib. If you can’t borrow one, I recommend getting one anyway, they’re strangely useful even if you don’t travel. We have a Phil & Ted, it’s great, very light, easy to set up, and there’s a UV/fly screen we bought separately to cover the top (they don’t have screens on the windows here, so that’s been very useful). Actually, Miso has been sleeping in it every night lately (a long story).


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